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Mon, May. 7th, 2012, 11:02 pm
happy, bouncing cows!

for the past few years, a lot of dairy farms in sweden have invited the public to come watch (for free) when the cows are released into the cow pasture in the spring. after a winter indoor, it's quite the sight with happy cows literally bouncing around in the fresh spring grass, play-fighting and shaking their udders about.

lucky for us, our country house is just down the road from julita, sweden's largest open air museum. as described at the link:

"Julita is Sweden´s Museum of Agriculture and holds gene banks for apples, pears and rhubarbs, and peony garden, native breeds of domestic animals, agricultural exhibits, a modern free-range barn and walking tracks in a cultural landscape."

we love going there - they make lots of great stuff, like rapeseed oil, cheese, beer and other yummie, eco-friendly things. so, naturally, we had to go see the julita-cows go spring-wild yesterday morning. it was me and marp and almost 4,000 other people, haha. it was done very well (lots of space for the cows, the crowd kept very calm and cheerful - no stress, basically) and took maybe 15 minutes.

here we go - bouncy cows!Collapse )

Mon, May. 7th, 2012, 06:18 pm
spring at our house

10 garden photos behind the cutCollapse )

Mon, May. 7th, 2012, 05:36 pm
Spring has sprung!

Even though it was a very mild, fairly snowless winter this year, spring still feels as amazing as ever when it shows up. Cherry blossoms, sunglasses, roadtrips to our country house and that superblue sky. Of course, I could do without the pollen (I'm not normally allergic, but this time.. oi.), the grimey dirty look of everything and frequent weather-related headaches, but oh well.

Also, I've got a new job with my employer: as of May 1, I am the Internal Communication Manager for the Nordic Region. Very exciting, and a bit daunting - it's a completely new role for my subsidiary company, so there's a lot of exploring to do to figure out what, exactly, my job will in the long run. For now, I have the dual-role of my new job + fulltime training supervisors this month while we look for my replacement.. so, let's just say I'm busy, these days. It's a good kind of busy, at least.

Saw The Avengers last week, loved it. Saw Iron Sky a few weeks ago, loved that as well. Gearing up for a lot of summer music festivals (standout acts: garbage w/shirley manson, patti smith, björk, lady gaga, feist, florence + the machine, marina and the diamonds, and lots of other good stuff), and in august, our german friends are coming up to see kent perform).

Other than that.. mostly busy celebrating spring. So.. I'm gonna post oodles of photo's from our country house (well, the garden, mostly), some very happy cows, and the valborg bonfire! (Am home nursing a cold, so that might explain the oodles of pictures.)

Thu, Dec. 29th, 2011, 03:05 pm
Concerts 2011: A list

Wow - can barely believe it, it's a first for sure: a year-end list, and before 2012 to boot!

the short version

number of shows (incl. festivals): 65-ish (not sure, forget when i don't take pics.)

seen more than once 2011:
- PJ Harvey (3)
- Veronica Maggio (2)
- September (2)
- Säkert (Annika Norlin) (2)
- Motoboy (1,5)

standouts: Niki & The Dove, Prince, PJ Harvey (spec. in Paris), Paul McCartney, The Horrors, Veronica Maggio, Fallulah, Lykke Li

fave new discovery 2011: Niki & The Dove

random: prince was absolutely incredible, and i'm very much not into prince, so i was quite shocked. britney was honestly great fun, (oh alright, she didn't actually sing, haha, but i didn't exactly mind, i just wanted to dance and bounce like everyone else).

most fun was..: shocking my mother to the core by luring her up to stockholm for her birthday and then taking her to see dolly parton, who she has wanted to see live for longer than i've lived. i was such a sneak, i managed to get mom all the way to the venue and didn't let her know about the show and that we had tickets until 20 minutes before showtime. it was hilarious!

we spent almost ten minutes milling about around the venue going "mmm, must be a show of some sort on tonight.. so many people about.." and mom figuring out dolly was playing, and then her sad face when she realized it was yet another dolly-show she wouldn't be seeing, and then TA-DA, i whipped out our 5-th row tickets.. TOO FUNNY! i am EVIL.

especially considering we bought the tickets back in february and the show was in august, MUAHUAHAHUAHA!

List of all shows and links to piccies)Collapse )

Sat, Dec. 10th, 2011, 11:29 am

our lovely (fat) tv started glitching. marp decided to open it up and fix it, because he apparently does that. he's been going over it in detail, soldering things and poking at other things, etc. after a week, he's finally getting ready to put it back together.

me (always nervous around electrical things that might malfunction): what if we turn it back on and it explodes????
marp: oh, a tv can't explode, it has vacuum and will instead implode, so no worries.

oh. good to know. hee. :D

tonight, it's off to see paul mccartney in concert! very excited! i've never really listened much to the beatles, though i've seen a lot of documentaries and read a lot about them (since i like reading about music history). after seeing the fantastic george harrison-documentary a few weeks ago, my interest is renewed. (and i guess marrying in "strawberry fields" has raised my beatles-awareness level, haha).

to prepare, since i read that mccartney plays close to 40 songs (!) in concert, i've been trying to familiarize myself with the songs i haven't really heard before (= a LOT. haven't even really heard eleanor rigby..). i think my favourite new song-acquaintance has been "helter skelter" which i've previously only read about, never heard before. wildly neat song!. anyway. looking forward to tonight, to say the least!

you know. if we avoid death by tv first...

Mon, Nov. 14th, 2011, 09:40 pm
H!! (and a dangerous method)

discovering i almost managed the last entry completely without fault (almost..) as i painstakingly entered each h and g missing by copy and pasting, one by one... and then just now catching a lacking h in the a href html tag, making none of the links work.. tsk, tsk tsk!

anyway. we saw david cronenberg's new movie, A Dangerous Method, tonight at the film festival. hated it. sorry. am very disappointed. boo. BOO. from the 7.4 rating on imdb, i seem to be in the minority, so whatever. i guess it's just me. le sigh.

i'd elaborate, but i'm unsure if it's in widespread release yet so, eh, whatevs. just... boo. :/

on a bright note, marp is elated, he just found a great old vinyl record player with speakers dumped by someone outside. will snag it and bring to the summerhouse next year. mmmm, viiinyl. snap crackle and pop, galore!

in other news.. i have been asked to run the local office ginger bread house contest. MUAAUAUA. any suggestions for a winning gingerbread house concept welcome..

Sun, Nov. 13th, 2011, 10:40 am
stockholm film festival week 1

i still don't have a g or an h to use on this computer, so my wordiness will have to be reined in...

for the first time since i moved here, i've been going to the stockholm film festival this week. what finally made me go? wellllll... the news that viggo mortensen was coming for a q&a after showing a dangerous metod. hello viggo, etc. so i bought tickets to a bunch of interesting movies. naturally, viggo then cancelled his visit. BOO. hee. (kidding, viggo would have just been the icing on the cake, and besides, seeing luc besson was great enough!)

lucky for me, i've enjoyed all movies so far, and have gotten to attend q&a's with luc besson (after showing the lady), john micael mcdonagh (directed the guard), ian palmer (knuckle) and tomas alfredsson (tinker, toy, soldier, spy). it's been great fun!

i'm a crap reviewer, but quick thoughts say that:

- besson's the lady was unfortunately underwhelming (very stiff dialogue, some imo miscast roles, and considering the length of the film, left way too much bio-info out whic made it too "only scratching-the-surface-y."

- the guard was HILARIOUS. we snort-laughed plenty, and the guy in the seat behind us lauhed like a walrus, and it was great. colin and nymsa should see it for sure, i'm thinking. :)

- the devil's double was a surprise-film. literally, we bought tickets to a "surprise-film" and didn't know until the opening credits came on what it was to be. very exciting, and the movie delivered. dominic cooper did a phenomenal job, and the movie was quite a ride.

- hysteria was just as cute as i'd expected (rupert everett got more plastic surery than i knew - it's so odd hearing that lovely and distinct voice coming from a stranger's face on the screen, but he at least sounded great... :(), and i was thrilled to find that jonathan pryce was in it. the audience roared with laughter, the obligatory romantic bits were kept to a minimum, so it was definitely an emphasis on comedy, and it was filled with fun performances. recommend! (and it probably was the movie with the best wallpapers troughout that i've ever seen!) :D

- tinker tailor was mainly filled with many, many gray men talking, and it totally worked. wellpaced and as always for tomas alfredsson, a really cool attention to details made it really good to watch.

- knuckle! ian palmer followed 12 year's bare-knuckle fighting in the irish traveller community. it was really moving, especially seeing one of the young lads go from noodle-arms to scary huge boxer, all for some muddy obligation to avenge .. something.

so, to recap, movies seen so far:

  • The Lady
  • The Guard
  • KnuckleTinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  • Hysteria
  • The Devil's Double

    movies next week:
  • A Dangerous Method
  • This Must Be the Place
  • Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope
  • George Harrison: Living in the Material World

    And then to cap the festival off, we're attending the visionary award q&a with director Alejandro González Iñárritu.

    i would go to more movies, but this week we also went and saw a concert with the horrors (mmmm, 80s vibe galore! if i was 10 year's younger, i'd stan for them, all very cute, especially the spindly singer with the ramone's hair and trent-stance and bauhaus-joy division-psychedelic furs-echo & the bunnymen style of singing) and next week we have a concert with sophie zelmani and a friend's artsy choir-performance. but today - no movies. instead, we're spending the day putting up christmas lights. WAAAAT. halloween is overwith. it's christmastiiiiime. shush. :D

    and now... i will spend 5 minutes copy-pastin g and h into this entry. SIGH.
  • Wed, Nov. 2nd, 2011, 06:53 pm
    why buy just one?

    as if i needed more proof that i have a slight problem with setting limits for things i enjoy..

    "oh, i should order that book today. hmmmm, oh hey, i should add that one as well. hmmmm... i wonder if there are more books kind of like that one... hmmmm, i wonder if the top ten list is any fun... hmmmm.." - 8 books later....

    ok, in my defense, i only bought 11 of these today, the rest i got since july... hey, it was 20% off today on ALL nail polish, regardless brand. and i really love that shatter-effect polish i used for halloween. hrm. hrrrrm. yeah.

    in other news, it would be easier posting updates here if the letters h and g weren't currently stuck in my keyboard, making typing an enormous chore. i have to manually insert each h and g. frrrr.

    Mon, Oct. 31st, 2011, 01:45 pm
    it's ALIVE!

    What better day than Halloween to revive this journal? Wee!

    Sun, Jun. 12th, 2011, 02:47 am
    nostalgia moment of the week

    we went and saw bryan adams play at gröna lund on thursday. it was great fun (and cheap, hehe - didn't need a ticket, just our season entry pass that'll let us into the amusement park all 2011), particularly for me. my very first large venue concert was bryan adams in the mid-90s, also in stockholm. awww. :)

    i didn't have friends that were into "music" as a teenager, haha. (i do recall a friend express that she was more into "whalesong" though..) and growing up in a tiny swedish town without friends who wanted to tag along to a show meant i was beyond thrilled to say yes the one time a group of girls i went to spanish class with suggested we go up to stockholm to see bryan adams. stockholm? a real concert? yes please!

    i pretty much knew 2 songs, "summer of 69" and "everything i do, i do it for you." the later i recall having a very intense fling with, hahahaha - i wanted to learn to play the piano part (i don't play piano) so i remember taping the song from the vinyl single onto a cassette tape on repeat. the tape was 40 minutes long total, so 20 min of the song per side. wow. i can't remember the last time i played a cassette tape, but i remember this.

    anyway. so we went to stockholm and to the show, beyond excited. it was a really nice summer evening, just like the show this week, and the dude put on a good, eh, bryan adams-show. i remember getting fed up being crushed up front back then and leaving to go to the side of the arena to rest up. as i was standing by a fenced in part of the arena, suddenly i saw bryan adams and his band jog toward and then past me on their way to a mini-stage out in the middle of the audience. "hey!" beamed bryan at teenage-me. "..hey!" teenage-me said back. my friends were so jealous, they had me retell the story over and over the rest of the weekend.

    i have no idea how many shows i've been to since that first bryan adams show - probably around 250, if i had to guess? no clue. (i average maybe 25-30 a year, though obviously some occur during festivals) it was fun seeing adams again, although i now have more jaded eyes than teen-me did.

    the show was fun, nostalgic, the weather fantastic, and the audience ate it up. if anything, i was shocked at how into it everyone was, especially teenagers - the dude hasn't had a big song in years but still had everyone singing along to most everything, and squealing. witness the tree girls:

    there were even teen girls around me screeeeaming as if it was the jonas brothers on stage. erm. okay.

    anyway. the summer is coming along wonderfully so far. work is... hectic and a bit of a madhouse, but what else is new. and on wednesday, nostalgia-fest continues as we will go see cyndi lauper again, haha!

    okay. time for bed. cin cin!

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