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May 7th, 2012

05:36 pm
Spring has sprung!

Even though it was a very mild, fairly snowless winter this year, spring still feels as amazing as ever when it shows up. Cherry blossoms, sunglasses, roadtrips to our country house and that superblue sky. Of course, I could do without the pollen (I'm not normally allergic, but this time.. oi.), the grimey dirty look of everything and frequent weather-related headaches, but oh well.

Also, I've got a new job with my employer: as of May 1, I am the Internal Communication Manager for the Nordic Region. Very exciting, and a bit daunting - it's a completely new role for my subsidiary company, so there's a lot of exploring to do to figure out what, exactly, my job will in the long run. For now, I have the dual-role of my new job + fulltime training supervisors this month while we look for my replacement.. so, let's just say I'm busy, these days. It's a good kind of busy, at least.

Saw The Avengers last week, loved it. Saw Iron Sky a few weeks ago, loved that as well. Gearing up for a lot of summer music festivals (standout acts: garbage w/shirley manson, patti smith, björk, lady gaga, feist, florence + the machine, marina and the diamonds, and lots of other good stuff), and in august, our german friends are coming up to see kent perform).

Other than that.. mostly busy celebrating spring. So.. I'm gonna post oodles of photo's from our country house (well, the garden, mostly), some very happy cows, and the valborg bonfire! (Am home nursing a cold, so that might explain the oodles of pictures.)

11:02 pm
happy, bouncing cows!

for the past few years, a lot of dairy farms in sweden have invited the public to come watch (for free) when the cows are released into the cow pasture in the spring. after a winter indoor, it's quite the sight with happy cows literally bouncing around in the fresh spring grass, play-fighting and shaking their udders about.

lucky for us, our country house is just down the road from julita, sweden's largest open air museum. as described at the link:

"Julita is Sweden´s Museum of Agriculture and holds gene banks for apples, pears and rhubarbs, and peony garden, native breeds of domestic animals, agricultural exhibits, a modern free-range barn and walking tracks in a cultural landscape."

we love going there - they make lots of great stuff, like rapeseed oil, cheese, beer and other yummie, eco-friendly things. so, naturally, we had to go see the julita-cows go spring-wild yesterday morning. it was me and marp and almost 4,000 other people, haha. it was done very well (lots of space for the cows, the crowd kept very calm and cheerful - no stress, basically) and took maybe 15 minutes.

here we go - bouncy cows!Collapse )