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Sat, Mar. 25th, 2006, 01:26 am

dude. DUUUUUDE. ultraviolet? so horrifically bad, it's amazing. seriously! duuuude!

i told my friend i was kinda ready to leave after 5 minutes. he didn't want to, so we stayed. 30 minutes later, about ten people left the theater, hahaha. at one point, we laughed so hard at the ridiculous dialogue and "story" that my friend had tears from laughing so much. when the word "end" finally came on the screen, a very loud and relieved "YESSS!" was heard from the back of the theater.

as soon as the lights came on, the guy that sat behind us started commiserating with me loudly as we both yelled how incredibly crappy the movie was. the guy proclaimed he was going to lie and tell all his workmates it was an awesome movie just to force them into the theater.

yes. it was that bad. crap effects, a story that made no sense, a heroine that was pretty but made NO SENSE, completely robotic co-stars, and a really over-stylized look that made it about as exciting as watching an arcade game demo running on a loop. my god. SO. BAD.

...i look forward to seeing it again so i can mock it out loud. :D

but hey! i'm back home and thrilled! :D