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Mon, Mar. 27th, 2006, 07:22 pm

i'm back at work in ze tiny village.. week 4. this is driving me nuts. i really dislike this sense of disorder right now - travelling every monday and friday and then trying to cram my life into what's left between friday evening and sunday night sucks.

my room is a mess because i see it so seldomly, and i have to do laundry every sunday. when the laundry is done, i'm too lazy to put it away neatly so i leave it in a pile by the bed for easy access every monday morning as i pack to leave. i eat meh food when i'm home because i can't buy groceries for real, since anything i buy and don't finish by monday morning goes bad by the time i return (and i hate freezing things), and when i'm up here i eat meh food because i can't justify buying real stuff because things i wan't come in too large quantities.

i have barely any access to the internet (as many have noticed, heh) which means i have to scramble to catch up on stuff i enjoy on the weekend (HELLO, GOSSIP ;)), as well as catch up on my tv-shows, right... while during the weeks, i have to buy way many cheap and dorky paperback books to keep me entertained because we only get three tv-channels up here and they all suck.

etc. etc. etc. it's the small stuff that's really getting to me about this. on the bright side, i'm... thrilled i still have a job? or something.

the weekend was good. bad movie on friday was countered by a really fun gardening convention on saturday. i bought lemon honey and some really lovely gardenia plants that i'm now real paranoid will die on me while i'm gone. yesterday, gabi hi-jacked me (again, i hate the way this is putting distance between us, i really hope things don't get stupid in the end because of all this) for company and we wandered like zombies through ikea, and then had yummie indian food.

and now.. meh. work is done, i'm going upstairs. hopefully, my co-worker was kept her promise and cooked some nice spaghetti + meatsauce. mmm. sigh. later, gaters.