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Thu, Mar. 30th, 2006, 06:44 pm

I'M HOME! and it's only thursday. i'm so thrilled. and a bit stressed - just showered, gotta eat something, and then i'm off to see a show with the knife. it's their very first tour (hitting 3 cities, i think, haha).i expect the show to be very artsy, with much projected stuff on screens, and, well, electro-spooky. wee!

but for right now, i got stuck watching natalie portman do gangster-rap on SNL. haha! so funny. she's so much more fun than she comes off in most movies. favourite part of the rap: "and all the jews, you know i'm talking to you (group of jewish boys yell: "we love you natalie") - i wanna fuck you too!"

..okay, that doesn't look as funny written down. go watch the rap instead. it's deliciously silly and foulmouthed.