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Fri, Mar. 31st, 2006, 01:50 pm
silent whisper

so, i went and saw the knife do their first real live concert ever. it was really cool. and strange. which is pretty much exactly what i expected.

they were half an hour late getting on stage, which i realize isn't unique, but i fucking hate waiting for bands to get on stage when there's no real opening act. The Knife is this wonderful mix of beats and electronic oil drum sounds (i know! haha!), computer game-ish sounds, and a singer with one of those love-or-hate voices. i, obviously, love her voice. it's all girly, but she kind of treats it like kate bush and really plays with it. during the show they ran her voice through filters that totally made it sound like a man singing and then morphing into a female voice.. it was awesome. also, she pronounces english words funny, and i enjoy that. she's fun to sing along to, much like björk and kate and tori and pj, etc, are fun to sing along to.

the band never really does interviews, and this was the first proper concert they've ever done, so nobody knew what to expect. a guy at the show asked if i could see the stage, and i joked that odds were it wouldn't matter if we did as they might just not show up at all, resorting to just playing the CDs with a powerpoint presentation on screen.

but they did show up, although behind a thin black fabric used to project artsy stuff on. the band consists of olof and karin dreijer (siblings), and they showed up wearing black overalls and masks, the kind bankrobbers might use, with holes cut out for their mouths, eyes and ears. it kind of made them look like gorillas. it was pretty funny, but they used the masks wonderfully as different projected lights would alternately make them seem like white or red skulls. they also wore white gloves that would light up similarly, which made it all spooky and silly and neat. (piccie of karin from magazine, i didn't bring my camera)

apart from artsy stuff being projected, they had creepy faces projected onto the heads of large, balloonish dolls that would then sing along at times. they also had some seriously gorgeous lights set up in V-shape behind them on stage, and throughout the show as the music would throb the lights would light up.

was it a good show? yeah. it was only 50 minutes, and a few of the slower songs were a bit too static live, but seeing karin smile and dance awkwardly while olof danced and played various percussive electronic sounds was fun. most of all, it felt like being in the movie close encounters of the third kind where blasts of neon lights and really roaring bass-sounds would crash on me. very cool. :)

haha, i find it funny that i wrote way more about this show than i have about other shows with artists i'm more into. but yeah. it was cool.

when i got home, i found a stunned gabi and her friend fernoush who was apparently spending the night. a sheepish gabi forgot i was coming home and so had stolen my duvet so fernoush would have something to sleep under. i got it back with little drama, haha.

today i'm taking it slow. one of my gardenias is in bloom, and i'm thrilled. it's so pretty, and is going to make my room smell delicious. said room is in dire, dire need of cleaning and tidying up, which i'm going to attempt tomorrow. i finally got word from my boss that i get to stay in stockholm next week as me and cassandra are to audition for a different project that we both would love to join (it's a different office in a flashy part of the city with lots of tv and other media stuff happening closeby, and there's real good potential to make nice commission) on monday.

tonight, i think i'm to go see inside man (yey, spike lee, clive owen, jodie foster, willem dafoooe) with a friend, and tomorrow night i've promised to go karaoke with cassandra and daniel from work. i will not personally karaoke, but look forward to be entertained by those who will.

phew! but now? gonna catch up on american idol, heh, heh, heh.