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Tue, Apr. 4th, 2006, 08:57 pm
new stuff

i'm in stockholm this week. i couldn't be happier. i still haven't cleaned my room, but now i have a way better chance at actually getting to it..

not only am i in stockholm, i'm sort of auditioning to join a new project, and i'm actually excited about it. go figure!

the project itself isn't exactly the most cheerful: i'm applying to join a project where we take subscription cancellations, and our job is to get the people calling us to, er, not cancel. this will include getting to spend my days informing people their period of cancellation is way longer than they think it is, or hell, that they've missed a deadline and now are stuck to a 12 or 24 month contract.

on the brighter side... this is at a whole new office (to me), located in an absolutely lovely area of stockholm south of the inner city (right across the water from the city hall, which moonriddengirl might recall. :)) that only takes me 25 minutes to get to, and then a 5+ minute walk, rather than my normal 50 minute commute to my other office.

cassandra is also trying out so i have company, and the people already working are really, really sweet (one boy offered to get me in on a deal to score madonna tickets for copenhagen. gonna decline, though, after hearing it's an 85,000+ capacity venue. hells no. too big, sorry babe). it's also got some very good comission stuff happening so i have the potential to really do well with money for a while if i can make this work.

we work in shifts, but all shifts fall within the frame of 8.45 a.m. to 7 p.m. monday through friday. helllll yeah, i can do that. dude, i can get up at at 7.50 a.m. and still make work at 8.45 a.m., easily.

it does seem to be a really tough project because it's extremely important to do well, but i'm really happy just to have the chance to try it out for a while. the area should be gorgeous when spring finally shows up (i can bring my lunchbox and eat by the water, wee!). and again: this means i'm NOT in that tiny town up north.. yey.

man, i forgot all about this tegan & sara album until a song was used on grey's anatomy the other day, and now i'm all addicted. i'm getting very full of, er, spring. new and old crushes are bubbling and brewing and my gardenias have so many flowers going i had to move them in to the kitchen because the lovely scent is way strong in my little room.

(p.s., happy birthday closetdiva? :))

(p.s. 2.. i want a snakes on a plane lj-icon, but meh, i keep selecting ridiculous samuel l jackson in star wars pictures and then can't bear do anything much else but giggle. i'm so not getting this lj-icon done. meh. snakes on a plane, mofo! :D)

Tue, Apr. 4th, 2006 07:13 pm (UTC)

Oooh, pretty place to work. :)

I'm sure you'd be great at it, in spite of the challenges. You're good that way. :)

Tue, Apr. 4th, 2006 07:22 pm (UTC)
somabish: aww

thank you. :)

it's a bit of a scary project because every call means have to work on being really clingy. the good thing is, we have good stuff to give the people who opt to stay, but i'm pretty sure spending day after day clingggging to people will get to me. eh, if i can make it work 2-4 months, i should make enough comission to be doing really, really well as far as savings go, so i'm definitely giving it a go. :)