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Fri, Apr. 7th, 2006, 06:15 pm

so, many of you know that despite my job at a callcenter, i'm pretty phone-phobic, right? because of this, i have a cellphone that barely works and that i only carry around so i can send/receive the occasional textmessage, or, i guess, be reached if something's up. most of the time i only use it as an alarm clock, as a means of finding out what time it is, or to play the lovely game "snake."

well... yesterday i found out that i apparently, probably 3+ years ago when my dad first donated the phone to me, recorded a really unpleasant outgoing voicemail greeting and NOBODY HAS EVER TOLD ME that i have that greeting still. i have zero recollection of recording a greeting, and when my friend mats first told me last night that i have a personal greeting for my voicemail, i totally didn't believe him. i had to call my own phone to check.

yup. there i was, speaking really fast and high-pitched in a really pissed off tone of voice... hahaha! i don't understand how i've had that for 3-4 years and nobody ever saw it fit to tell me. do you know how many times my boss must have heard my snippy greeting? yikes!

so i recorded a nicer message after the show last night, and gabi who just called my cell was shocked. "you sound, you know, PLEASANT! :o" ...hahaha. i feel like a tool. oh well. at least now i knooooow. :)

the weather is gorgeous, i'm off work (they've asked us back next week, yey!), have finished shopping for the weekend (bought another plant. seriously, i need to stop, but i can't. $2 to get a pretty plant with loads of buds and yellow flowers = so worth it!). i think i'm spending the evening getting sloshed and painting with gabi. fun stuff!

cin cin!

Fri, Apr. 7th, 2006 07:07 pm (UTC)

Enjoy your weekend! :D