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Sat, Apr. 8th, 2006, 04:15 pm

my parents are really happy i'm coming home for easter next week. i'm thrilled as well. now if only they would stop calling every few hours, haha. my dad is determined i'm to have my car back and do some driving. yo, i can't recall driving since last summer. i'm demanding he come with, because i'm definitely rusty, heh.

mom keeps calling to settle food issues. first she called a couple of hours ago to see if i, indeed, will want some of her meatballs to bring back after the visit since i now have reverted to mostly eating/cooking vegetarian. i said i did. then she called just now to try and figure out what kind of cake she should make since she can't recall what i like and don't like. she said she wanted to get the baking out of the way before my visit. pfft. hehe. she's a bake-o-holic. she can't stop, and i'm sure not going to try to make her stop either.

the weather is blah, and we didn't really get anywhere with our paintings last night as gabi got caught up on the phone talking with her grandmother. i know - we're total nerds, haha, always on the phone with various family members during the weekend.

anyway. i do have a clear view of what i want to do with the painting (it's a really mushy thing so i'm already embarrassed, but whatever. it's gonna be a play off the stars song what i'm trying to say :)), so i'm thinking i'll finish it tomorrow. i suck at painting, and my imagination is really cheesy, but it is fun to mix colours, right..

other than that, i'm catching up on tv and just finished reading the six parts kevin smith has up detailing jason mewes years as an addict. it's pretty sad stuff. :/

okay. back to c.s.i....