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Sun, Apr. 9th, 2006, 03:34 pm

i swear, every time i'm ready to clean, clean, clean the apartment, my roommate gets all "ehhh, come do this insteeeead." she's evil.

i sent her off on her own earlier to go shopping. she just called and is bored and wanted to know if i wanted her to bring some food home. sure, i said. then she started whining how she wanted to get food from this yummie place we like in the suburb where we used to live.. but she'd rather eat there because you get more foood, and she wants companyyyy.. so now she's gonna drive 20 minutes to pick me up and then drive another 15 minutes just to go eat. frrr! hahahaha.

my life is really silly this weekend. this is all good. i hope all is well for you guys as well!