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Tue, Apr. 18th, 2006, 03:04 pm
i suck :D

hahaha, i'm messing up all over the place today. it's a very tricky project, and i'm having a hard time keeping track of what i can and cannot offer and when, so i mess up here and there but.. whatever. it's a learning curve. everybody is very patient, so that's cool, but i really hate making mistakes.

eh, it's healthy. spending most of the day feeling like an idiot every now and then is a most humbling experience, and it's sort of fun to not have to be the person who has to know eeeeverything for once. i'm just hoping things will relax and ease up by next week.

i took a walk along the water on my lunchbreak. the weather is gorgeous and so is stockholm. i've been having major jitters of restlessness lately, of "is this all there is?" so it's good to remember that most of the time, i'm pretty happy with my life. i just need to maybe adjust a few things and, i don't know, find some new interests, and all should be fine. or something.

argh. break almost over. back to being the bumbling idiot on ze phone. cin cin!