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Sun, Apr. 23rd, 2006, 10:49 pm
fun stuff

i had a really, really nice day. spent the morning cleaning the apartment while listening to my mp3-player and now our place looks wonderful and my room is finally fab again and smells of gardenias. after a quick shower we headed to a nearby mall and spent a few hours walking around and eating lunch with my brother and his friend mikael.

after that we brought them back to the apartment so my brother could finally see where i live (hence the cleaning up part in the morning, haha). we hung out for a bit and then went to this amusement mall thingy that's located about 10 minutes away. there we spent an hour playing really silly games in the arcade (outrun 2, which i sucked at, and some army shooting game where all four of us had mock rifles and i kicked everybody's ass, hehe. who knew?).

next we went and saw underworld: evolution which was actually pretty okay considering i hated the first one. i don't quite care for the kate beckinsale character, but some of the other vamps were quite hot, haha. and really, isn't the whole purpose of a vamp movie to show some hotness? exactly. when we got out i secretly wanted to run back down to the arcade and pick one of the games where you kill zombies but... neh. hehe.

instead we drove them back to mikael's place and had some thai food at a nearby restaurant. and now.. back home. i'm kind of shocked - i've now spent two days in the company of my brother and we had fun, didn't even bicker, and he totally paid for most of it. amazing. (this is the same guy who demanded my mom pay him a buck every time i got to watch whatever movie he had rented when i was a kid, haha)

did i mention how lovely my room is? i'm so happy with the art on my walls, the gorgeous flowers filling up my entire window sill, the bookshelves stacked with dvds and books and trinkets and photographs. fun stuff!

but tomorrow.... work again. sigh. angst. i still feel completely crap at the new project (trust me, i've never felt this insecure doing my job before, especially not several weeks into it) but... honestly, whatever. i sort of feel relief knowing that if i don't work out for the project, they'll simply have to try and transfer me to something else at my old office, and that new project i might like better.

cin cin!