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Tue, Apr. 25th, 2006, 09:09 pm

okay, summer really needs to hurry up because my one pair of regular shoes are, uh, broken (the side of one shoe is totally letting go, meep!) and if summer arrives quickly, i might be able to wear sandals again and put off buying new shoes. hehe. anything to put THAT off.

it's been almost a year and a half since i bought these shoes, or any shoes, for that matter. i think i had the sneakers before that at least a couple of years. when i lived in america, my friend gene used to donate shoes to me (how awesome is gene? very. it's always good to know people with the same size shoe who buy way too many shoes, haha). this time i want to try special ordering shoes, but it'll be really crazy-expensive, i'm sure, so... maybe i can find some sneakers or something.

i have duck feet, what can i say? frrr.

work is still kind of not fun, but whatever. they're adding back some coaching for us newbies so maybe that will do the trick. it's just sort of exhausting to deal with 8 out of 10 calls being with people who either already are very pissed off and sour, or become pissy during the call. a few months of this and nothing will be able to phase me when people try to yell at me (and i was already pretty immune before this project, but my patience is definitely being tested...)

i find people's complete incapability of taking responsibility for their own actions, and refusal in accepting that some things are the way they are and could only have been avoided if they themselves had stayed a bit on top of their own shit to be such a turn off. yeah. some rules are shitty, and yes, lots of stuff is designed in favor of the company, but it's still always on you to decide to sign up anyway and to be aware of what apply so... suck it. write an angry letter and stop spitting at me through the phone, yeah? frr.

"how many times can it escalate
till it elevates to a place i can breathe?
and i must decide, if you must deride,
that i'm much obliged to up and go

i'll idealize, then realize that it's no sacrifice,
because the price is paid and there's nothing left to grieve

... fuckin' go

cause i've done that i could for you
and i do know what's good for me
and i'm not benefiting, indstead i'm sitting,
singing again, singing again singing again,
sing, sing, sing again...

haha, see? la fiona is good for many things. ;)