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Mon, May. 1st, 2006, 01:47 pm

it's the first of may and all swedes have the day off. lovely stuff, this "day off" thing.

yesterday morning my aunt and her husband came by to collect my mom. they got lost on their way here so gabi had to guide them by phone, haha, but eventually they made it. it was really nice spending the morning having coffee and cake in our tiny kitchen before they left. my mom makes yummmmie pastries, heh. it was sad to see mom leave so soon, but i'm just glad she finally got to see my new apartment, and we got to enjoy the city a bit. hopefully we can make the trip to portugal happen this summer.

after a while a friend called and was very bored so he got to come over and be lazy along with me and gabi. i love having fellow lazy friends who enjoy just hanging out and being both entertained and bored at the same time. i'm a good hanger-outer. first we spent a few hours at the amusement center nearby where we played overly expensive arcade games (i kinda kick ass at anything involving a toy gun. i especially enjoy killing the zombies. or when wielding a toy machine gun, i kind of like shooting my fellow army teammates just to see their shocked faces and "no!" yelps. hahaha. i rarely manage to save hostages though, and sometimes outright shoot them in the heat of the moment. woops.).

in the evening i treated them to my dvd collection and introduced them to go. i always enjoy that movie. when i saw it with gene in a theater, we had so much fun we went back and watched it again the next day. i love sarah polley. oh ghod, that's almost 7 years ago! whooooa.

and today? today i expect to do NADA. i'm going to take a ridiculously long shower and probably smear clay goop on the face for fun and then spend the afternoon and evening watching movies and napping. can't hardly wait. cin cin!