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Thu, May. 4th, 2006, 12:19 am

so, last night i had the most lovely dream. i met this really nice guy (never seen the person irl, unfortunately) and the dream had us searching through an old hotel/castle for quite a bit, but it was most relaxed and chatty and nice. i can't remember what we were looking for. he was very cute, though. i always dream of the loveliest people. after the searching we hung out in a coffee shop discussing, of all things, american idol. we both agreed that the contestants always choose such bad songs. "yeah," i said, "ace, for instance, he should totaly have done a cover of sheryl crow's 'if it makes you happy'!"

then i woke up. hahahha. dammit. i was having fun. no clue why i picked that for ace. i always got so annoyed by him.

the day at work went as sluggishly and crappily as it has the past few weeks. i do like several of my new co-workers, though. tonight i managed to re-dye my hair. yey, hairdye! as always, i don't see nearly enough red when i examine it in the bathroom mirror, but i know from experience it'll be shock-red orange bright in the sunlight tomorrow.

yey. :)

okay. time to go dream some more. maybe i'll get lucky, haha.