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Mon, May. 8th, 2006, 08:07 pm

still trying to make things work at, er, work. it's not quite working (ha ha).

this week is our last week trying out for this project and it feels pretty doomed, unfortunately. today me and my co-worker got an e-mail pretty much spelling out how much we suck because it was all "well, we've done this and this and this and it doesn't seem to be helping and it's starting to really hurt the project, let me know if there is anything else we can do. you've already gotten way more help and training than what is normal."

yeah, we know. here's the thing: if we had a clue what we're doing wrong, don't you think we'd be working on fixing that? by now, it's not training i'm looking for, it's an evaluation, which i've been asking for for several weeks. they did place a girl to sit next to me and listen in on my calls last week when i wasn't selling anything. great, right?

except for the entire time i exclusively continued to get only stupid calls where no sale could really be made, which the girl agreed on and proclaimed as really bad luck. so, i got a witness that my sucking wasn't entirely my fault, but that doesn't really help me now? because it meant i was back on square one - no real evaluation of what i might be doing wrong during calls where a sale should be able to be made.

friday and today i've made a handful of sales. if i doubled my sales, i'd be where the oldbies are. so, again - apparently i can sell, just not enough. i don't need training, i need somebody _else_ to spot what the hell i'm doing wrong... argh.

i'm also discovering that a lot of the sales the oldbies make stem from not-quite sales, as in certain offers that we should only sell to that type of customer once in a while as an exception. well, to the oldbies, these sales are the rule rather than the exception. so, this week i'm saying "fuck it" and will make any sale i can, period, and they can whine later.

also, it seems it wasn't a fluke friday - customers are totally listening to me more the more morose and disinterested i sound on the phone. i answer the phone sounding as much as i-or as possible. suddenly people argue slightly less with me, and they seem to listen to my offers more. meh. people are so weird.

sigh. it's really not fun to feel crap at something, especially not when everybody else also know you suck. knowing on friday we'll probably have to leave the group (which is sad, i like the people and really enjoy my hours and my shorter commute) and not have anything else to work is... well, not cool.

fuck, the weather is gorgeous, i'm otherwise doing pretty good, so sitting here worried they're going to a) try and get me to do fucking TELEMARKETING if all else fails, or b) i might be without a job within a couple of months suck so bad.

hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i'm sorry! i didn't mean to whine this much, haha! mom called and i started whining to her until she was all stressed out. that's not cool. i need to cheer up. i'm going to peruse youtube for stupid clips. :)