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Wed, May. 10th, 2006, 09:08 pm

let's say you call a support center... and you get confused by the instructions given by the person on the phone and that person tells you you need to hold so you can be transfered to the right support desk... well, that's not a good time to mutter under your breath in an exasperated tone about what a crazy bitch the support person is.

see, even if you say it in spanish, it might just be that said support person hears you and totally knows what you just said, and if that support person is me, you bet your ass i'll shoot back a "no I'M NOT." ....and odds are you might be so stunned you too react by instantly hanging up the way my customer did. hahahahaaa.

i had a good day at work. we'll see if it keeps up. and yes - i continue to be as pissy and completely disinterested as possible on the phone and somehow the customers eat it up. people are such lame masochists - they actually prefer me to deliver my information as if it's way beneath me rather than me laughing and being cheery. ridiculous.

oh well. two more days to go before i know what'll happen, um, next week. hrm.
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Wed, May. 10th, 2006 09:18 pm (UTC)

hahaha it was pretty funny. i guess she didn't figure a swedish crazy chick on a phone would hear her or know what she was saying. i just blurted out my response, haha, and click she went.

we have some angry calls like that and when you've delivered the info and the person continues to be rude and harp on and on, we may say "okay, we're not getting anywhere, so i'm ending this call. bye."

i can't recall having to hang up on anybody, but i think that's because i'm really good at listening to them yelling and being very honest. i will ask them point blank why they are cursing out me as an employee simply doing my job and inform them that if they wish, they may state their case in a letter to the company.

if it's some person who can't stop screaming i go drop dead silent for up to several minutes until they think i've hung up. then i say "if you want me to help you, you need to listen to _me_ rather than scream. if you want to scream and hurl obscenities, that's fine, but won't get you the result you want. now, do you want me to help you, or do you want to scream some more at me?"

screaming and angry people do not like having it be glaringly obvious that they are behaving ridiculously and rudely because it cuts into their act of being the victim, so usually they will at least stop screaming. if they don't, i go silent again until they realize it's pointless and hang up. hahaha.

my favourite new co-worker is hilariously without humor, sarcasm and irony and says the funniest things. if a customer screams "are you JOKING?!?!" at her, she will deadpan "no, ____, i am not joking with you." which always stuns them into silence because she sounds so obviously sincere, hahaha.

anyway, sometimes when old men scream at her she can be heard saying "why are you screaming at a poor, young girl working at a call center?" ....hahaha. that also usually shuts them up. :)

i come across a lot of unhappy customers, but to be honest, i very rarely feel inclined to help ANYONE who screams, at all. the sweet people who just sort of take in the bad news and go "oh, okay. darn." i'll do anything extra for. duh. it's amazing that the hot tempered ppl never understand this simple fact of customer's service!

Fri, May. 12th, 2006 07:20 am (UTC)

"even if you say it in spanish..."

lol! yeah, been there! Great isn't it?!