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Sun, May. 14th, 2006, 10:31 pm

this household has been sucked into the vortex known as playstation 2. unfortunately we don't share the same taste in games so i won't be using it much, but i did buy one thing... mofo singstar 80's!

..i'm bitter that i only found the swedish geared version because it lacks vanilla ice, belinda carlisle, the cure, nena and kate bush (!!), but there's a couple of fun swedish songs on there so whatever.

so, i suck! hahaha! it's so funny. the thing is, when i actually work on singing "well" the game hates my guts, but when i go really offkey or break down laughing, i get mad points... so... kind of annoying. but oh, so much fun - frankie goes to hollywood's "the power of love" is a ridiculously hard song! hahaha!

we also got to borrow two more singstar editions from a friend so we've spent the better part of 2,5 hrs scaring our neighbours. gabi is consistently beating me, but it seems she's mainly figured out a better way to hold the notes in a way the machine likes than i have (coz i keep scoring more golden notes? ;)) ....aaaaah, so much fun! hehehe!

this game is totally for anyone who would never get up and sing at karaoke outside of the house but who sings like a maniac whenever one is in the car. hee.

anyway... haha.