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Wed, May. 17th, 2006, 11:28 pm

well, it's not allergies, it seems to be the monster-cold that's been slaying my team for the past couple of weeks. i stayed home today as well. as usual, i have an enormous sense of guilt over staying home two days in a row. even though i know that it's just not gonna work to take calls with this mixture of aches (sinus, ear, head...), muccusoverload and squeaky voice, i always, always feel like i'm faking it. ridiculous.

i've spent the past two days sleeping, staring at the computer screen to try and be entertained, and eating way too much microwaved oatmeal. mmm, oooatmeal.

i swear, if i wake up feeling and sounding crappy tomorrow as well, i will really have to struggle to stay home a third day. i just don't do that. :o so.. here's hoping for a wonderful night.

(i'm sorry to hear several of ya'll are sick too, or going through some tough things. you have my best thoughts. :/)