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Mon, May. 22nd, 2006, 04:38 pm

i've now spent like an hour and a half playing SINGSTAR alooooone and cracking up.

i cannot for the life of me hit the notes the game wants me to hit for Pink's "Just like a Pill" or Alicia Keys "Fallin'" (but it's amusing me mightily to watch the game angrily show how crazy off i supposedly am) but apparently when it comes to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "The Power of Love" i'm gooooold. i'm also fab with swedish eurovision song contest songs (especially Carola), as well as 80's "metal" (like the final countdown, or alice cooper's poison).

so much fun. thank ghod i'm playing it alone, hahaha.

i originally meant to go back into the city to celebrate our hockey boys but i couldn't muster up the energy and i know from attending the celebration after they brought home the olympic hockey gold medals that the crowd will be really really huge and i'll see very little and be able to photograph nothing so... enjoying the afternoon at home instead.

i was supposed to get a call from the boss telling me when to come in tomorrow but... er... he hasn't called and regular work hours end in 20 minutes so.. i'm thinking i'll just show up at 8 am tomorrow? man, i hope he's not having second thoughts...