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Wed, May. 24th, 2006, 12:09 am
yey shoes

first: thank you for all your kind comments yesterday! i appreciate the support and yey's very much. :D

today was really good. it's obvious they will have trouble keeping us both occupied with work over the next few months, but there's potential, and we're at our old office which alone makes us happy, and with luck they might bring new projects in sooon.

we got to take calls for a short term project accepting orders from people. i got to do the project last year and remember loving it, and today was a reminder of how fun it is. it's really just old people calling in with easy questions or to place orders that are really quick to enter. i forgot projects exist where people don't end up angry and screaming duirng every single call!

after work i went shopping with gabi and shock of all shocks, i found some new sandals and they were only $13. considering i haven't bought shoes in a year and a half and my two pairs of shoes have both fallen apart over the past couple of weeks, i was amazed. now if it could only stop raining so i can wear sandals every day....

i also found gabi a gorgeous new skirt and when the salesgirl rang it up she accidentally entered the price with a 50% discount and we didn't notice until we'd left... hee.

when we got home we hooked up singstar and have spent 2 hours howling.. i still rock like crazy on frankie goes to hollywood's power of love, it's nuts! then we discovered the special effects option where you can play the song back with your own vocals and can play with the vocals! i swear, hearing ourselves with chip munk voices singing foreigner's i wanna know what love is is AWESOME FUN, haha!

and then i spent an hour gossiping with my old workmate daniel on the phone - i was thinking of applying for a job at his new place of employment but have decided to put it off for fall because i don't want to risk losing my 25 vacation days. he's gonna keep a serious lookout for potential jobs for me then, though, which is so sweet. yey for nice people!

okay.... time for bed. cin cin!