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Thu, May. 25th, 2006, 03:31 pm
wee, kelly

okay, i'm not going to read lj for most of the day because i have several season finales to catch up on and i don't want to spoilt things. so, while i'm waiting for them all to finish downloading, i'm watching the first season of american idol.

i've never seen it, and i recently realized i quite like kelly clarkson so it made sense to go find the first season to watch. it's really funny to finally see some of the people i've only heard about after the show, like tamyra grey screeching and justin guarini (could he please use more melisma? pleeeease? i like my songs to be 17 minutes long, always.)

anyway. it's fun to see they fit the entire auditioning process into the first episode. no peek of kelly until the very end of episode two, though, when she lunges at simon as he tells "her" room that they've moved on in the competition. her hair is all horrible but she's so cute. hee. this is gonna be so much fun. yey, cheese! yey for days off!