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Thu, May. 25th, 2006, 09:15 pm

almost done watching the first season of american idol* ... okay, nikki mckibbin, wtf? people voted her all the way into the top three? but why? she was consistently flat in every performance and her voice is so thin and reedy and just... not good? i don't know. i just don't like the way they kept pretending she was different and rocky and whatnot - grunts and groans does not a great rock singer make.

eh, i just don't like when people pretend to be rock/punk (HAHA, RYAN STARR!!) do songs like "a little piece of my heart" because they think they can growl like janis, but then they SMILE just to show how little they actually connect with what they're singing. puh. i prefer an honest and good cheese-belter every time over the "i'm so real" people. frr. nikki got progressively prettier over the season, though, like a redhead sherilyn fenn (and we likes sherilyn fenn a lot!)

i don't like anybody but kelly, really, but nikki over tamyra was just sorta weird? anyway. kelly clarkson = adorable. so glad i'm getting a chance to se her idol days. i loved her big band performance a lot, as well as most of her early performances. then she got in a bit of a funk, but is just charming anyway. cool.

mainly, i'm posting because before watching the top three show, i NEVER knew alannah myles' song black velvet is about elvis! hahaha. i just never listened to the lyrics beyond the chorus. gosh, alannah myles. she was in the swedish qualifying rounds for the eurovision song contest a couple of years ago for some unknown reason, and she was HILARIOUS - very much on drugs and rolling around on the stage floor trying to look hot except... er.. well, i hate to say it but she's almost fifty years old and it just got... weird.

okay, almost time for the finals. oo, kelly doing a mariah song! i didn't know that. fun stuff! she's not really all that fab on it, but her energy is so great and she always finishes strong. yey, cheese!

* yey for fast forwarding, haha, and the first season really wasn't all that long, especially since i skipped all the boring singers (all the guys) and the result shows. but whatever. i adore tv-marathons. i don't actually know anybody who loves to watch marathons as much as i do, haha. i remember a weekend years ago when the weather sucked and mtv was rerunning all seasons of the real world and i totally watched it all and barely slept. it was just so engrossing and DUMB. hahaha.