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Sun, May. 28th, 2006, 06:48 pm

i'm watching north & south today. i'm actually really glad i bought it - i'm discovering that i'm only remembering the roughest of outlines from seeing it as a kid, so it's really cool to take it all in almost fresh again. there were so many cool actors in it!

most of all, i'm enjoying having a much broader context for things than i had when i first saw it. i get a total kick out of them featuring people portraying frederick douglass and ulysses s grant, haha. i really do find it interesting how virgilia hazard (kirstey alley) has the feel of a total bitch, yet she's awesome being her hardcore abolitionist northern self. and ashton = total glorious ho-bag! hee!

of course, i managed to splurge by buying a few more dvd's. hey, like i could resist all three scream movies for like $13... how's a girl to resiiiiist? haha. i will not buy anything more foofy until all the bills are paid. but when they are? then i'm totally buying pj harvey's live-DVD! gotta have something to tide me over while waiting for her new album. she's gonna be playing the piano onnit! :o