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Mon, May. 29th, 2006, 08:58 pm
do you like cars? do you like fast cars? anybody ever tell you you look like meryl streep?

i found a yahoo group created for my very favourite movie (no kidding!), sing! and it seems some have made the old vhs into a dvd-r and maybe if some kind soul takes pity on me, i can get a copy and then i can watch SING ALL DAY LONG AND DROOL AND BE HAPPPPPPYYYYYY YEYYY!

yes. it's seriously this happy-inducing for me. i just can't quite explain it. it's not that great, but yet, it totally iiiiis. romeo & juliet, BROOKLYYN STOYYYYLE! hehe!

the fact that i've managed to get 8 of the soundtrack songs on mp3 over the years is still amazing and wonderful to me. they're so 80s, but SO good, i can barely contain my giddiness whenever i remember to listen to them. dude, this is the only movie i can seriously quote line after line from as well as sing the songs from the musical's performed in the movie, yet i've only seen it once in probably ten years!

i don't know. it's just so good. peter dobson was never as hot as he was in that movie. when he finally dances with prissy-ass hanna, all awkward and not-tough guy style, it's SO cute. hee. i had such a crush on dominiiiic. it's almost 15 years since i first saw it and i can totally see him in the movie. dominic was very jump-worthy, haha.

oh, haha, and then cuba gooding jr getting a door slammed in his face, hehe. and the chick singing madonna's "like a virgin" with a super-heavy brooklyn accent! and the cop at the end all "shut! the fuck! up! that's my daughter up there!" and dominic all "friends! we must take our chances on the waves and scatter like seeds before the wind!"

...ah, happpyyyy.

yes. yes, i'm aware that only garbo77 might get this post. i don't care. i'm that happy. oh, i so hope somebody will help out and make me a dvd-r copy. :D

Thu, Jun. 1st, 2006 09:31 pm (UTC)

'Sing'!! Girlie, you just made me laugh OUTLOUD in the office (good thing I'm alone) - that's hilarious! I TOTALLY remember that movie.

Romeo and Juliet in Crooklyn, yo! God, Peter Dobson. Didn't he end up playing the same yuppie dick character after that in... everything? I cite 'The Frighteners' as my basis.

Thanks for making me giggle.

I just watched 'The Breakfast Club' again and decided I'm officially an adult. I kept thinking: 'God, teenagers are fucking stupid."