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Sat, Jun. 10th, 2006, 12:21 am

my dvd player used to be region free after i put in a code shortly after buying it 3-4 years ago. then gabi played a regular cd in it that i suspect had some sort of copy protection. now my dvd player (thomson dth 5000) won't play anything but european region 2 dvds. when i put in american dvd's, or american dvd-r's, the image skips and splits into three parts. i'm so sad.

i tried putting in the code to make it regionfree again but it's not working and i can't find help online. i'm bitter. i just got home and found i had gotten the sing dvd-r and now i can't watch it! SO. SAD.

i think i may have to buy a new dvd-player. i would feel extravagant about it, but really, almost a third of my 160+ dvd's are specifically american, and among those are my special editions of donnie darko, brotherhood of the wolf, the boondock saint, pitch black and now sing... i can't deeeeeeal.


in other news, the new omen isn't even a fraction as scary as the original, and most of that is because it's obviously shot by a crap director who doesn't have a clue how a well blocked shot should look, but also... what's the point of omen without the scary score??

gabi is watching the shining for the first time ever. this is the first time i'm able to just laugh and laugh at jack nicholson. it might be the hammiest acting job ever... well, at least right up there with faye dunaway in mommie dearest! NOOOO WIRE HANGEEEERS!! :)

ETA: just ordered a new dvd player - $80 and it's region free from the getgo, and can play divx files. i'm now cackling. mwa ha ha!

...man, it's nice to be home. even if my room smells funky - i left my new shoes out and they're still unused and have a weird new shoe smell. meh.

okay. lots to catch up on! cin cin.

Sat, Jun. 10th, 2006 04:32 pm (UTC)

Oooh, yay for the new DVD player!