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Mon, Jun. 19th, 2006, 01:32 am

i LOVE a good singalong. not all artists and bands i like are singalong-y, but most of them are and i love that. i love scream-singing along to my favourite songs with hundreds, if not more, other offkey people. one of my favourite singalong song-bands is swedish band kent, and now some lovely person has uploaded my favourite singalong songs from kent's show last night to youtube and IT'S SO CUTE.

i realize they sing in swedish and the camera work is scary-shaky and you can barely see the band, but this so encapsulates everything i love about seeing kent live...

  • kent: mannen i den vita hatten (the cutest is the last ten-15 seconds of everybody chanting "ja vi ska alla en gång dö!" together ...translates to "yes we will all one day die!" ....soooo cute goth, haha!)

    live shows give me the chills. why aren't artists and bands i wanna see touring stockholm right now?!?! i would go every fucking night if there was just something to go seee. it's been ages since i got to lose my voice from screaming. aaaaaages. not fair. NOT FAIR.

    i'm seeing depeche mode again in a few weeks, i think.. i wanted to see regina spektor the day before DM but it's a one-day festival gig and i can't justify a stupidly expensive ticket just to see a short set of regina. i'm hoping she'll come back for a full gig in the fall.

    next monday GUNS'N'ROSES (aka axl!!) is playing stockholm but i can't afford seing them either. that's so sad. i was so obsessed like... 15 years ago but it's sold out and i just can't afford the scalpers pricerange. no axl for me... drama, indeed.

    and after that... nothing. nada. i've been scouring the net hoping some club somewhere has added an interesting show i wanna see but... no. nada. so... looks like depeche is it for quite a while. moooo.

    haha. i'm so whiny. hehe. okay. going youtubing some more now. ciao!

    ETA: i found kent's english version of 747 on youtube! here you go ....it's not as good as the swedish, but whatever. it's one of my favourite songs evah. :)
  • Sun, Jun. 18th, 2006 11:47 pm (UTC)

    747 is amazingly gorgeous. I never listen to my Kent albums anymore, but that song is still way up there with my all time favourites. :)

    Sun, Jun. 18th, 2006 11:51 pm (UTC)

    it is - it's so pretty and, uh, sad.

    i don't listen to my kent albums anymore either, but every now and then, like, say, every 3 months, i suddenly get in the mood and pull out 10 fave songs and loop for a few hours. today was one of these days. :)

    i just dl everything you posted because... i always do. thank you! i especially look forward to the covers - i adooooore covers for some reason!