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Tue, Jun. 20th, 2006, 01:02 am
my aggressive day

i'm pretty pleased with myself today - for no reason at all, i've been really good at confronting issues today and not been passive-aggressive about shit. i forget how much better it is to just jump in there, even when it's admitting i'm at fault for something.

i felt bad that my roommate has done more cleaning than i have lately. we're out of sync and my style of spreading cleaning chores throughout an entire day with several hours inbetween every thing i do isn't working for her, so she sometimes jumps in and cleans up stuff i was going to do, oh... a few hours later.

and, uh, i had to suffer through SOMEBODY obviously having... how should i put this... RELATIONS again a few nights ago even though i voiced my strong wish never to have to hear that again _the day before_, so i was pissed off again.

so, i got all proactive and said: "okay, hi! i know i've been crap at cleaning. so, you get three options: 1 - i treat you to dinner soon. 2 - i treat you to a movie soon. 3 - i promise to do cleaning two or three weeks in a row after our holidays are over*. also, PLEASE STOP WITH THE EMBARRASSING NOISES, THANK YOU."

haha. she took it well. she's mulling over her options for tomorrow, and finally, finally agreed no more noises would happen as she now understands her version of quiet STILL isn't quiet enough. here's hoping it works...

yey for bringing stuff uuuuup. :D

and now i must sleep. tomorrow i'm wearing my new blue shirt with yellow crowns, and swedish-flag themed ribbons in my hair in preparation of sweden-england tomorrow night. WOOO!

* i told her straight up knowing me, i don't want to overcommitt, haha, but i will do a minimum of two straight weeks, and i will start the cleaning at 1 pm sundays those weeks so she knows i'm doing it for real.

Tue, Jun. 20th, 2006 05:06 pm (UTC)

good for you for standing up for yourself, dealing with the situation and doing it in such a nice way! i'm proud of you. :)