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Thu, Jun. 22nd, 2006, 10:54 pm

the phone just rang:

mom: hi, hey, so, do your eyes ever hurt suddenly? like, do your eyes ever get really tired and strained so they hurt?
me: yeah, of course, if i've stared at a screen all day for several days in a row? why?
mom: i was going to sleep and i got this sudden sharp pain in my eye and then it went away and now i can't sleep cause i was thinking it might be something really, really baad?
me: uh, well did it do the pain thing more than that time? do you have a headache or feel weird?
mom: no..
me: okay, and you sound fine talking so.. well, you haven't had a stroke or anything. it's probably just some tense muscles relaxing as you're going to sleep or something. you're most likely not dying.
mom: are you sure???
me: hangon..

i go find a list of stroke symptoms and rattle off and we start laughing at how not-stroke her weird eye pain moment seems to be.

me: okay so you don't seem to be dying! *near choking of laughter* call me again if you are, hahahaha!
mom: you're laughing at me! *also choking back laughter* okay, well FINE, i guess i'm not dying. okay, GOODNIGHT then, hahahaha!

(insert co-laughing for a few more minutes before finally hanging up)

hahahaha. i just love how we're totally paranoid ninnies that for some reason are only comforted quickly by each other's blather. anytime anything crazy happens, mom is the first i call. "mom, i cut my finger real deep and IT'S NOT BLEEDING, is that bad?? am i supposed to get stitches??" (as if she can tell _over the phone_?)..."mom, I HAVE A TICK! I'M GONNA GET LYME DISEASE! WHAT DO I DOOOOO?" (i did get lyme disease, hahaahha!!)

etc. haha. we both freak out so easily, and we always end up laughing about really, really horrible and inappropriate stuff. i'm glad other people don't hear our conversations often, because they often involve us talking about all sorts of tragic things and dead people, and because it's all so sad and we don't know how to act, we always start laughing real hard. it's pretty bad.

a few months ago my mom called and said she'd lost a tooth, and i started laughing, so she started laughing, until we were both near-crying from laughter as i gasped things like "but WHICH tooth??" and she gasped "MY FRONT TOOTH!" and i almost exploded from the laughter because the image of my mom without a front tooth was too instantly funny.

i suppose it's good we see the humour in _anything_. :)

however, because of it, i really have to watch myself around other people because i tend to forget other people don't understand or react that way to most bad things and usually don't understand that the laughter is completely separate from our sympathy. but eh, my mom is cool. i totally remember her telling me once that she'd had a dream a big moose was chasing her. hahahahaaa. i'm sorry, but the image of an enormous moose chasing my mom cracks me up.

suddenly i feel better about the 11-day trip home i just scheduled and booked tonight. 's all. i now have 4 days off for the first time in foreveeeer and saturday is the game where sweden will try to maul germany (hrm) and monday is AXL ROSE-DAY! and get this - GABI is coming along to the show! she hasn't been to any concert at all in _years_, and certainly not since we moved to stockholm. i'm so excited!

cin cin!