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Fri, Jun. 23rd, 2006, 06:47 pm

it's been so long since i had a migraine i completely missed all signs leading up to it all day. heh.

first the inability to sleep (i got up at 6 am and haven't been able to go back to sleep all day).

then i kept noticing an annoying scent in the air around noon, like.. dish washing liquid. kind of. just totally faint, yet with no apparent actual source.

i vegged on the couch a few hours enjoying my new dvd-player's ability to play divx (the funny thing is, i've mostly only burned really silly movies to cd-r's - movies so silly and dear to me that i never stumble upon dvd. like pcu and cool runnings and buffy the movie, haha!) and ended up watching empire records for the first time in years. "why don't you just.... FADE AWAY..." hahahahaa.

so, i was in the middle of a really nice shower (you know, the kind where one suddenly decides to do stuff one never have the time for, like leaving the conditioner in for 5-7 minutes, haha) when i got these weird little pangs of pain here and there.

i was just about to get worried when i got out of the shower and... ta-da, suddenly my vision blurred leaving my left eye almost blind (in the sense that it was a lot like my entire vision was like looking through a soap bubble - all fuzzy like i ha soap in my eye that wouldn't rinse out).

ooooooh. i get it. i'm getting a miiiigraine. duh. took me all day to figure out, hahaha.

well, my vision has returned at least halfway so i just remembered to renew my paid ljaccount (i feel so adult! it's my first time buying it for myself, i've had the lovely moonriddengirl sponsor me for quite some time from when she got a permanent account:)) ...not getting the extra userpics because hello, only using 13 as it is, hahaha.

okay. i'm getting that weird "white" headache now where i don't have a headache except around the edges. time to go try and sleep. hasn't this been a fascinating updae? haha.

cin cin. i hope ya'll are feeling better. it's midsummer's eve in sweden today. after i take a long nap to hopefully feel better, i'm so having a zillion strawberries to eat in true midsummer celebratory tradition. :)

Fri, Jun. 23rd, 2006 09:33 pm (UTC)

Ack, migraine sucks. :( Have a lovely weekend - feel better soon! (And what a cuuuuute icon :D)

Sat, Jun. 24th, 2006 04:33 am (UTC)
somabish: thank you :)

i do feel better - for some reasons, my migraine symptoms are often worse than the actual migraine. weird stuff. emo-cat rules, hahaha. i saw this picture and just had to make something from it. 8)