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Mon, Jun. 26th, 2006, 11:01 am

i swear, my moooom. she calls up all "hey, so, what are youuu doing?" and we chit-chat and she try to pronounce "guns'n'roses" and fails, as with all things in english. my favourite mom-english things is how we used to watch twin peaks together and she could never remember how to pronounce it, so to her, the show is forever known as twing pings. hahaha. according to her, i'm going to see "gansang roases" tonight hahaha.

i'm pretty excited, yet for practically the first time ever won't spend half the day in a line to make it up front. i'm really happy to finally get to see axl rose, but i mostly just want the experience of singing g'n'r songs with a big crowd live and don't really have to see him way up close. i'm even thinking about not bringing the camera. see, from what i know, axl hates cameras (hehe) and so security might be extra tight on that particular thing so.. haven't decided yet.

so, instead of lining up alone all day, i'm going to lounge about most of the day and then meet up with gabi and a friend after they get off work around 5 p.m. and take it from there.


hahahah. :)