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Wed, Jun. 28th, 2006, 05:58 pm

my current workschedule sucks. i work noon-9 p.m. monday-thursday and 11.30 a.m-7.30 p.m. fridays. add almost 2 hours of commuting and i'm stuck away from home 11 am-10 pm most of the week.

it's really not fun. i've been doing that for over a month now and i was doing okay because i was only going to have to do it throughout june and i had cassandra for company to share the misery with.

well, they just extended the current project and i'll have to work like this until my vacation starts july 24th. which would be fine except... Cassandra just started her two weeks off work.

so, to recap: i'm away from home 11 am-10pm most days, my glued-to-the-hip-for-6-months workmate is off work for two weeks so i have no company. you can just cue akon's "mr lonely" right now, hahaha.

i'm getting a bit antsy and miserable, yes. oh, and gabi goes on vacation on monday so she'll be back in ronneby for three weeks leaving me to hang around the apartment like a dweeb. at least i'll be able to watch some tv, haha - her playstation 2 addiction is pretty bad..

i just dislike getting home that late because there's no way i can go to bed shortly after so now i tend to stay up until 2-3 a.m. but i can't really do anything that might wake gabi up and i'm too tired to do actual stuff i should, so... meh.

and then i sleep until 10 am, and 60 minutes later i go to work again. and it sucks. in case i didn't mention that already.

oh well. i'll live. :) depeche mode is next friday. perhaps i'll be fully recovered by then - i've still got a really sore neck from the show, haha.

currently i'm being amused by adorable guns'n'roses fans. whenever i take pictures i like of a show i had fun at i try to visit one or two fan forums to share because i always look at other people's photo's of artists i like and i love to find new stuff.

well, the g'n'r kids are really on the go - i've had 5-6 people contact me already to get to use the photo's on their websites, or to make signature images from, or hell, one kid just wanted to use it for his msn messenger icons.

i always give permission, but it's really cool when people ask, and so far, the g'n'r fans are by far the most polite of all - very funny to discover. :)

alright. back to work. sigh.