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Thu, Jun. 29th, 2006, 12:54 am
my webhost rocks

i just need to give major love to my webhost, manufrog.com. they have awesome deals, very reliable service, and they just saved my ass, hahaha.

see, i'm used to my bandwith going a bit nuts when i post things like photo's of tori amos or depeche mode, but seriously? the guns'n'roses fans are apparently quite a bit more intense, as evidence by yesterdays bandwidth stats for killtoknow.org:


they ate more than _5.5 GB_ in 24 hours, and are almost at 100 MB already and the new day had only lasted 37 minutes when i checked the stats! :o

so i e-mailed manufrog to figure out how to solve the problem so my website doesn't go offline and they e-mailed back saying they'd temporarily give me extra bandwidth at no cost so i last through this month should i need it, until it hopefully dies down (or i'll of course buy more).

how sweet is that? :D

i've posted a total of 22 photo's on killtoknow.org. the sad thing is, i could post 30-40 more, easily, but even i have a limit, haha. but! i've finally taken the plunge and started uploading crap to YOUTUBE, haha!

for now it's just some clips from the gnr show (the bit where dizzy plays abba is so cute!), maria mckee last summer, and a regina spektor clip. my youtube profile.

ok. enough with the axl-babble. what can i say - it's easy to get caught up. :)

(also - thanks for the smile, roundhere :))

Fri, Jun. 30th, 2006 04:29 pm (UTC)

I love the Galifinakas!!!!