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Thu, Jun. 29th, 2006, 04:12 pm
norwegians to the rescue? :)

i'm being sort of considered to maybe get to train and join a tech support team at work but they're really only looking for people mainly fluent in other languages (specifically norwegian, danish and finnish). i was approached by my old boss and told to show interest in the job anyway because she thinks i would be a good fit.

..so i went to talk to the recruiter and, well, i think my old boss may have embellished my tiny, tiny grasp of norwegian just a bit and so now i'm all freaked out because she said she might want to test my skills just to see at what level, if any, i am wrt understanding norwegian.

so, norwegians? HELP. hahaha.

mind you, i'll be dealing with spoken norwegian so there's not much i can do about how much of that i get right now, but the test will probably be a written vocabulary thingy so i want to encourage allllll you lovely norwegian lj-people to please post as much as you can stand in norwegian to lj over the next week, or leave comments with some links i could look at to brush up on my grasp of your pretty, perky language. :)

in other news... well, there are no other news. haha. that's it.

HA DET! (hahahaha)

Thu, Jun. 29th, 2006 03:58 pm (UTC)

Dette kommer til å gå SÅ bra! Jeg skal absolutt bidra med mitt ;)

Thu, Jun. 29th, 2006 05:30 pm (UTC)
somabish: weee

tack, tack! :D

jag har varit ärlig så dom vet att jag inte försöker påstå att jag är _jättebra_ på norska, men jag tycker väl att jag klarar mig hjälpligt iallafall. vi får se om det går vägen...

Thu, Jun. 29th, 2006 05:26 pm (UTC)

Å. Og du kan høre norsk radio på nrk.no. :)

Thu, Jun. 29th, 2006 05:28 pm (UTC)
somabish: ååå

_det_ ska jag göra, jag är eventuellt ledig lördag-söndag-måndag, så då ska jag allt lyssna, hehe! tack!

än så länge vet jag inte om jag kommer få göra testet eller inte, det beror helt på om de faktiskt vill ha mig till teamet eller inte, men det skulle vara kuuuuul. :D