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Sat, Jul. 1st, 2006, 02:39 pm
la la la laa...

man, this week has really been a bit nuts.

monday - well, i think we know what i did monday. haha. :)

tuesday - i can't even remember tuesday much, i was so tired. i do remember making something like 258 calls in 5 hours at work, which really fried my brain.

wednesday - another really meh day where i was excessively tired and work fried my brain by forcing me to make way too many calls for hooours. meh!

thursday - my boss woke me up an hour and a half before i was to get up because she thought we had an unexpected backlog of administrative work. i tried to tell her we didn't, but she asked me to come in early anyway.. so i got out of bed way early, showered, then got a call that i was right, we didn't have a backlog afterall so i needen't come in until noon anyway. gee, thanks.

in the evening my mom called to let me know one of her oldest friends has been diagnosed with malignant skin cancer. i pretty much grew up with her daughters as good friends and we were there quite often althroughout my childhood and teens so it was really sad to learn of this. when i was a baby up until my parents divorce when i was maybe 4-5 years old, this lady and her family used to rent the other half of our house. i remember holding her kids when they were babies.

what was even sadder was to learn that she is now putting off treatment because she wants to visit her family (she's from serbia) and is refusing to push the trip forward even a month to get surgery that is being recommended. obviously it's her decision to make but... people sometimes baffle me so much. :/

yesterday - my boss woke me up EVEN EARLIER (8 am, which is not cool considering i got home 10 pm the night before and i wasn't scheduled for work until 11.30 am yesterday) because they had found _another_ backlog of work that nobody had noticed before and golly gee, i'm the only person available who has ever done that work before, could i please come in asap?

so i get in and there's an e-mail with a file and a note saying "hey, could you enter these so it's done by the end of the day?" ...i open it, and it's a total of 1,500 data entries. HA HA HA! each entry takes approx 1-2 minutes to enter into the appropriate system, and i've done it exactly once before, over a month agao. 1,500 in the span of a workday? i....don't think so?

after putting in extra hours (i left work at 8.30 pm after going in at 10 am, and i spent the -entire- day staring at the screen and working as mechanically and quickly as possible) i ended on having done 400, which is RIDICULOUS.. but whatever.

i now have three solid days off work. i so need this, heh. i have such a backlog of websites i need to work on (my own, LBW, a website for a friend of my boss, etc, etc, etc).

i'm starting off with killtoknow - mainly, i'm redoing a lot of the photography i've posted from some concerts. i've gotten progressively better at editing not-fab quality photo's (due to poor conditions) so i want to try and get some better versions online. currently i'm redoing my regina spektor pictures - i'm a bit embarrassed about the quality of the photo's of her i have up now.

fascinating entry, i now. anyway. i hope the weekend treats you all well! cin cin. :)

Sat, Jul. 1st, 2006 06:53 pm (UTC)

Phew! You need some downtime!

(And Jess agrees with you about redesigning the logo. She's working on it.)