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Wed, Jul. 5th, 2006, 09:27 pm

i'm home an entire hour earlier than usual! awesome. haha. and i've brought home peanutbutter! i don't think i've had peanutbutter in a year and a half or longer so that's exciting. and i bought a pineapple. and tons of crisp dark pink radishes. and dvds on sale, because i had to have the scarlet pimpernel from 1982 because i had such a crush on him as a character growing up and anthony andrews was hot in 1982 (ivanhoe!). haha.

of course, i'm still swamped with projects i need to do, but that's really only my own fault. also, i've come to realize i'm a compulsive bill-payer. i blame my dad. i feel this intense urge to pay bills way ahead of their duedate all the time. it brings me calm to know i've paid a huge bill 2 months in advance and can forget about it for however many months. i paid my insurance twice by mistake and didn't realize until i got the new bill and it had a big stamp saying it was already paid. i seriously started to wonder if somebody else paid it for me by mistake. d'oh.

i did the norwegian test today. it was such a dumb test. i didn't nail it, but i think i got quite a lot of it right. i was very proud of myself that i was able to figure out what potetgull (potato chips?) was, and i'm pretty sure i correctly defined words like sjalu and kjedelig, haha (tack, anja för "kjedelig" hehehe!) but there were some words that totally stumped me.

"bøttekotte"? what?! so i made a really ridiculous not-even guess and drew a smiley and now i regret it because they probably won't see that i was being funny. whatever. and they had a few phrases and words in swedish they wanted me to translate into norwegian even though i specifically have said i don't know how to translate much into norwegian.

i managed to remember that klänning (dress) = kjole, but they wanted me to translate "nu skojar du med mig" ("you must be joking with me") and i hadn't a clue. you people simply haven't said that phrase around me a lot, hahaha. and the norwegian word for snål (stingy with money)? wtf?! i mean, i've come to learn the word blakk (broke?), but none of ya'll have talked about being snål, haha, so i had to skip that as well.

anyway. eh. there were other parts of the test in just enligh regarding computer stuff. i guess i'll hear back soon how i did. i do hope i get this project - the more i think about it, the more i want to do it, and i hate that, but whatever. so here's hoping.

okay. must make dinner. cin cin! :D

Thu, Jul. 6th, 2006 02:33 pm (UTC)

I am of course inclined to help narrowing the gap between our two countries, so I volunteer to help with the Norwegian words :)

bøttekott : small storage room, usually for housecleaning supplies. Dunno if you've got a word for it in Swedish.

"nu skojar du med mig" : nå tuller/tøyser du med meg. Common way of phrasing it, as an exclamated question is "kødder du med meg, eller?!", which basically translates into English as "you dicking me around?", maybe a bit less offensive, I'm not sure where to draw the line [oh how I desire a dictionary of English idioms]

"snål" : gjerrig, at least that's what I think after letting M-W teach me what "stingy" meant.

Hope work treats you well! :)