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Fri, Jul. 7th, 2006, 02:11 pm

i'm almost through my day at work - a couple more hours and i'm off to see depeche mode again, if all goes as planned. naturally, it started lightly drizzling outside and it's an outdoors concert... here's hoping the evening is clear and warm.

i know i always say this, but this time i really mean it - i don't expect to get very far to the front today because i'm pretty sure way more people have lined up for a day or two since it's summer and the weather has been fab (up til just now.. meep?) and we're getting there somewhat late.

eh. i sort of don't mind? i got photo's i really like from the first dm show a few months ago, so this time i can relax. while i'm really not used to being far from the stage, dm feels like a big enough band that i'll enjoy it anyway. if i get the camera in (i never actually expect to get it in at any show i go to - so far so good, but i always expect every show to be THE show i'm asked to surrender my baby) and can't take even half-decent shots, i'll just have fun and sing along and enjoy.

unless it starts raining more heavily. hehehe.

i wasn't psyched about the show at all until i woke up this morning (after getting maybe 3 hrs of sleep, i have huuuge bags under my eyes, i look really funny!) and now i'm way into it. mofo dm! they said they'd switch the setlist up and change at least 5-6 songs from their last show here so i'm very curious. whatever, i can't waaaait!

ok. back to wooooork. cin cin!