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Sat, Jul. 8th, 2006, 03:09 am

what was that i said in my last entry before the depeche mode show tonight? "i know i always say this, but this time i really mean it - i don't expect to get very far to the front today " and they were gonna take my camera and i wasn't gonna shoot anyway because i'd be too far away anyway.

depeche mode

depeche mode


however, the audience was incredibly rowdy so i really didn't get many usable photo's at all - i'd say maybe just 2-3 of dave and a few more of martin for some reason. that's okay. having dave perform straight in front of me with only 3-4 people inbetween made it very special and great and like i said before - i have a ton of good pictures from the last show so this is totally okay.

it was a really good show - i wouldn't say it was better than the first because they had way better happy energy on stage at the show a few months ago. tonight they still had some good energy and smiles, but more focused and intense. there was barely any banter and was more straight-forward "let's get to the songs" attitude, and way many slow parts that sort of killed the energy a bit for some.

..and when i say some, i mean everybody who don't get a bit mushy at martin gore's solo-songs the way i do, even when they're dull, hehe. i'm sorry, i'm a dave-girl, but martin is really cool when he does "home" which is a song i adoooore.

however.. the main points about this show: i got to hear and sing along to _stripped_ and _in your room_ and that was awesome since i adore those songs. adding "walking in my shoes" and "home" and "i feel you" ...i had FUN. "john the revelator" is also really crushing. hehe. also, they did a blistering version of "photographic" during the encore that was really fun.

so. very glad i got to go. dave = still teh hotness on stage. and they were so LOUD and fabulous, especially for the second half - the songs just absolutely vibrated with energy. for once, i almost wished i wasn't always up front at shows because i've never gotten to seriously hear how loud the singalong can get with 36,000 people, or really seen the wave of hands. would i really trade being close enough to hear the band speak without a mic (albeit faint) for that though? naaaaaah. hehehhee.

now i best get to bed as i have to go to work in less than 6 hours.

oh, one last thing... muse was the opening act and i hated them/him so much i shocked myself. it felt like watching a black hole in music. oh, the songs were fine, technically, and the guy can sing, but from the moment the leadsinger got on stage he exuded an enormous nothingness that made me just hate it.

like, he'd sing all these flowery pretty lyrics and there was so nothing behind it, he never connected with the audience at all and just seemed wrapped up in trying to impress with his thom yorke'ish voice. it was the most self-involved singer i've ever seen, and he killed the set for me. just thinking about him makes me angry, haha. frrrr!

okay. sleeeep! :D

Sat, Jul. 8th, 2006 08:52 am (UTC)

it felt like watching a black hole in music

How appropriate, then, that the new Muse album is called "black holes and revelations" :D

No but really, I know exactly what you mean. And I used to be a HUGE Muse fan. Haven't listened to them since their second album, and now just thinking about them makes me cringe. I once shared a glass of red wine with the young Matt Bellamy, and I remember him as a giant primadonna. So your impression of him being the most self-involved singer you've ever seen is probably very correct :D (The rest of the band are *very* nice though, particularly the cute bass player)

Sat, Jul. 8th, 2006 09:01 am (UTC)
somabish: haha!

i had no idea! (about the black hole coincidence, i mean)

i totally got that impression the second they all got on stage - the bass player seemed SO much cooler, he had this good energy and was rocking out so i felt bad for hating everything so hard core when the rest of the band was obviously trying.

ghod, matt bellany really, really rubbed me the wrong way from the second he went on stage! first of all, he had this RIDICULOUS twisted mic stand that obscured most of him, and he made _zero_ contact with the audience, really. sure, he said a couple of thanks, but most of it was just him with closed eyes enjoying his own voice way too much, and there was was _no_ charisma and _no_ passion. that drives me nuts - it was all style, all pretend - he'd sing all these passionate words and it was so obvious that he didn't actually have somebody in mind while singing. boo.

i mean, i've never experienced hating a band like that. i always try real hard to give opening acts a chance and often scream and shout loud even for really young and inexperienced bands just to encourage them when the rest of the audience couldn't give a shit, but this was just... i couldn't even snap photo's, i just stood there waiting for it to end. i would have felt rude, but it didn't seem like the guy noticed there was an audience anyway, haha.

actually, my brain kept yelling "wanker. WAAAANKEEEEER!" throughout. hehe. thank you for validating my sudden muse-hatred. (and i agree - i liked a few songs of the first few albums and then suddenly it totally lost flavour)