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Sat, Jul. 8th, 2006, 01:13 pm
soooo bored

an hour and 45 minutes left to work and i've gotten exactly four calls. that's four calls in over three hours, and the first three came the first hour. i should be grateful i can just sit here and stare, but i'm out of reading material and the rest of my area of the callcenter is empty. moo.

oh - i forgot to mention - before the DM show last night, like way before the first opening act, the music going out over the PA system was fiona apple's "tidal"! they played at least 6 of the songs in one go. it was awesome, haha. unfortunately, fiona apple is virtually unknown in sweden so i was the only fool shouting along with criminal in the hot sun as we waited for the first opening act, but that was totally fine.

did i mention i'm BORED OUT OF MY SKULL? hahaha. oh d'oh, i should go read some gossip...