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Mon, Jul. 10th, 2006, 12:56 am

because of timezones, i don't think these are technically belated, hehe, but kind of, so i'm posting this anyway:

happy birthday, lowredmoon!

and it's also been garrett's birthday (moonriddengirl's son). happy birthday, dude! hopefully they are off having a fab holiday! man, i've known garrett pretty much his whole life, and i'm so happy i still get to have some part of his world considering he is now nine years old! nine! that's just so amazing.

i just adore that kid, but i'm having a real hard time accepting this whole growing up thing. i still keep thinking of him as a tiny kid, haha, stuck with me as his overly protective babysitter. he was always really athletic and full of energy, and i was all "noooo don't climb that!" even if it was just two feet up because i was so paranoid he'd accidentally hurt himself, even though he never did. i just didn't wanna have to tell moonriddengirl i'd accidentally broken her kid, y'know? hahahaha.

i also recall him actually having to guide me when he was real, real young when i had to change his diaper - i was all "this way? really?" and he'd nod and i'd go "really? are you sure? okay, is it on now like it's supposed to be?" and he'd go "uh-huh!" to reassure me that indeed, i was putting it on right, hahaha.

oh, just listen to me telling embarrassing diaper-stories. i'm sorry, g-dude. he's really the only kid i've gotten to see grow up around me, so i can't help it. i get mushy, haha.

i don't have any embarrassing diaper-stories about lowredmoon, though, if that helps. ;) hahahahaha.

....yeah, i'm thinking it's about time i go to sleep so i can have another glorious day of work tomorrow. it'll be the first day of Project I Hate, yeyy.... urgh. cin cin!

Mon, Jul. 10th, 2006 04:33 pm (UTC)

i don't have any embarrassing diaper-stories about [info]lowredmoon, though, if that helps. ;) hahahahaha.

um, i'm very glad to hear that! ;)