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Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006, 10:42 pm

happy birthday, moonriddengirl!!

i hope she's having a lovely day wherever she is (on holiday)! :D

i don't think i need to expound on how much i adore angela. anybody who brings her kid and husband all the way to sweden to see me is beyond awesome, haha. so - wee! much love.

had a very annoying day. had to start doing the project at work that i didn't want to do. it sucks. it pretty much reduces me to a telemarketer again, after a year and a half of not having to do that particular job. i had to stop being a telemarketer because it was frying me alive, i just couldn't stomach it anymore. after just 5 hours, i'm right there, filled with the same panic again.

the sad thing is, i'm supposed to lead a very small team (2-5 people) in this task. it's extremely hard to keep a smile and encourage people when i'm on the verge of tears every now and then, just from hating it so much. there's a swedish slang term i'm employing a lot to describe it: psyk-bryt. (means mental meltdown)

but i survived the day, and toward the end of it, it actually wasn't so bad. i'm kind of regretting letting my hysteria lead me to calling my boss all "i don't wanna do this you need to ask somebody else i can't do this help!" ...i totally caught him off-guard, haha. he was all "er.. we'll talk tomorrow when i get back into work?" hahahaha. a jennie in panic is not a good thing.

so, naturally, i ended up making the most sales (4). it's a really crap project with low expectations of sales, but the fact that i outsold the extremely sweet, poor guy who ended up in my team and who is always doing telemarketing is just.. ridiculous. swedish people need to STOP BUYING SHIT FROM ME. if i sell well, it makes my bosses think i'm _good_ at it and that i should keep doing it and idonwannaaaaa.

hrm. oh well. we'll see what tomorrow brings. i need to hear tomorrow if i get that other project or not - if i do, i'm trying to start my holiday early, i.e. next week, if i don't get it, i have one more week to work before my holiday. i hope i get it, i hope i get it, i hope i get it. sigh.

i'm watching depeche mode's 101 to cheer up, and it's totally doing the trick. i haven't seen it in years. they all are so youuuung, and dave barely had any tattoos (i've really only spotted a tiny one on his shoulder), and ALAN WILDER was being hot, and even fletch was nummy. (hey, i like geeks, haha).

it's really, really strange seeing dave on stage 17 years ago after having seen him up close just a few days ago. he's hotter now, haha, but there was such charm to the band and they kind of seemed more organic then. i wish martin would still bang on thingies to make the industrial drum sounds. and alan wilder? soooo hot. fun!

idiot moment: i went with cassandra so she could buy a coffe drink during our lunch. we entered a place, cassandra asked if they would make her whatever to go, and the girl goes: "yes, but we only have these small take out mugs. of course, it still costs the same as the normal size."

...huh? so she showed the normal sized glass which was more than twice the size of the tiny take away mug.... who sells something by saying up front you'll be getting half the serving but at full price? MORON.

the sad thing is, she actually looked surprised when we said "um, no thanks" and went next door.

sheesh. :)

Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006 08:48 pm (UTC)

There was this takeaway pizza place just around the corner a few years ago - and they had these "1 large pizza + 1,5 l Coke" offer thingies. Except that when we went there they were out of the big 1,5 liter Coke bottles - so the dude said that we could get TWO HALF LITER BOTTLES instead. And he looked very pleased with himself, like it was the best offer ever :D

Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006 08:51 pm (UTC)

hahahahaha ZOINKS!!! ...people are so funnnnyyyyy. this girl, it's like she almost got who dumb it sounded the moment she said it, but then just wouldn't admit it but tried to sell it in anyway. then she asked "but if you drink it here, i'll serve it in this large glass!" and cassandra noted: "but.. i came in asking for take away for a reason? i don't have time to drink it here?"

...hahahaha... peeeeople. soooo funnyyy.

Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006 09:08 pm (UTC)

i hope you get that other project so you don't feel so miserable at work! that can't be a good feeling to be so anxious.

oh, and i agree, alan wilder was hot!