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Thu, Jul. 13th, 2006, 09:14 pm

so, i got the project i applied for, and apart from getting to work 5 really lazy hours on sunday, i'm officially on paid vacation until august 14. i'm thrilled!

extra reason to be thrilled? cassandra got a call back from a job she applied to and got it, so she'll start her new job on the same day, august 14! while i'll really, really miss her, she'll be working practically next doors, and this way neither of us are left behind so... very cool. i'm happy for us.

ya'll, not counting sunday, i have a full 30 days ooooooff. in a week and a half, i'm going back home to visit the parents and my cat. mom and i will go on a 2-3 day trip to copenhagen, denmark, and i should also get to see my cousins and other family i haven't seen in a long time. i'm also hoping to squeeze in a few days in oslo with anja - unsure if i can make it happen, but i sure will try. and then august 14 i start a whole month of training for the new project, so that'll be sweet.

hee hee. i'm unexpectedly home alooooone for a week and a haaaaalf. no plans. well, some plans (hanging out with some peeps, seeing the new pirates movie, finally working and FINISHING a bunch of website projects, cleaning the apartment, listening to stupid amounts of music, gonna watch moooovies...). but no big plans. this is so exciting!

hum-de-dum. haha, i can stay up all night. knowing me, i will zonk out in a couple of hours, but still. so cooool! :D