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Fri, Jul. 14th, 2006, 12:17 pm

i've been struck by the no. 1 curse of any vacation: woke up with a bad cold. hahaha. how did my body know i was to start my vacation early when i didn't even know until late yesterday afternoon? impressive.

it feels SO WEIRD to be home and that being totally okay. ya'll know how much i usually freak out whenever i'm home because i'm sick - now i can just stay home for days without reporting to work every morning? amazing. i'm thrilled.

the cold is mostly in my throat, making my voice very low and growly. i'm catching up on the rockstar supernova talent show (gilby clark looks embalmed! :o) so it is amusing me a lot that i can have my voice out-rock several of the contestants, haha. alright. back to ...being lazy! hehe!