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Fri, Jul. 14th, 2006, 10:18 pm
on the phone:

me: hiii! so tell me tell me tell me, did you quit?!
cassandra: yes!
me: AWESOME! so, like how? what happened, what did you say, spilllll!
cassandra: i just said "hey. i'm quitting. i got a job with better hours and better pay."
me: awesoooome! what did he say?!
cassandra: nothing! it was really weird, he just got quiet.
me: so, you quit! SO COOL. congratulations!
cassandra: i know! thanks!!
me: so, like, really? he didn't say anything?!
cassandra: no!
me: but, okay.. so, what exactly did you say??
cassandra: i don't know, i just walked right in there and said "hi! so, i need to quit."
me: so cool!
cassandra: i know!

hahaha. i know i'm close to thirty, but this is only my second real job (not counting college things and other small minor things). interrogating friends who quit their job is still exciting for me in a "gosh, i wish that was me, i so want to just walk in and say adios, i'm leave for something even bigger!"

...of course, i seem to have been reasonably lucky that every time i get seriously miserable, a new opportunity develops within my company so that i can try something new and stave off the urge for a few more months. funny that.

i've only given my notice once, and that was obviously my other call center gig and everybody knew about it since i was moving so it was really anticlimactic and just sort of mooshy and nice. and then i got hired at this job 2 days later. so, really, i'm incredibly fascinated by stories like this. likewise, i have my friends talk about their interviews and applications for jobs over and over because i have such little experience with the stuff that i always want to know how The World Really Works.

it is pretty cool though that i've gotten to apply for teams and positions within this company several times over the past six months, and have had to go through interviews for all that stuff, because it's experience i've sorely needed. i'm still shocked they keep approving me/hiring me.

i mean, in all seriousness, i am by now a call center veteran. i still have lots to learn, but with 3+ years and lots of variety in my jobs and added responsibilities, i've grown into a very capable person. however, because i've had so few jobs, and call center work isn't exactly the most challenging field to enter, i always suspect i got hired by mistake and then haven't been fired because they just plain like me and can't be bothered, haha.

also, my bosses, both at my old job and my current job, have been very open with telling me a huge part of why they like me to stick around is my personality. i'm good at bringing team spirit, basically. it's cool that they like my personality so much, but it also feels sort of weird to know i'm earning money partly for my ability to be ridiculously persuasive over the phone, but even more for just being my own obnoxious self. but hey, i'm not going to complain. it certainly could be worse. it was just... unexpected, and not what i would have imagined for myself ten years ago as a teenager.

of course, ten years ago i wasn't sure i was going to be around to be 28, so why ask that chick? ;)

like this new team i get to join - both the recruiters have made a big point to tell me they really want "my personality" added to their team to get some life to their group. i try telling them that's what they may think now, but in a few months time, they'll be real annoyed with my loud, perky persona. they don't buy it, though. eh, whatever. heh.

i don't know. the vast majority of my friends all have big personalities in some way. or rather, i don't mean big as in always loud and obvious. it's more that almost everybody i know have pretty strong grasps on themselves. we may be way overly dramatic at times, but we're also the very first to laugh at our own drama as well. we often have big hearts and brash mouths and yet we can also be very small and soft and quiet, and i love that mix. i understand that mix. i'm sorry to say not all people do. oh well.

eh. sorry. my brain wandered. right. um.

right. cin cin.

Sat, Jul. 15th, 2006 07:34 am (UTC)

i've only ever given my notice properly once (at a full time job, not part-time during school) and it was anti-climactic as well as everyone knew i was leaving to move to the UK!

as someone with management-type responsibilities, i can totally see why your bosses would want you on a team. you may think you're loud and obnoxious, but although i haven't met you in person, you come off as really warm and a lot of fun, and people like that are needed on a team to keep morale up. i can think of a couple of people like that on my own team, and yes, while once in a while they may be a bit too loud, they are still good overall for team spirit. so take it as a compliment. :)