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Sun, Jul. 16th, 2006, 10:13 am

well, i'm at work. my voice, however, isn't. heh. i don't feel all that bad - the bronchitis is very much all located in my throat, and a bit in my nose, and sure, i have fever, but it's pretty okay anyway. i haven't even felt like i had to take anything for it (yet).

i felt bad for the person calling in for support a moment ago, though - my voice is very barely there (she had to ask me to repeat stuff several times), and i couldn't really help her anyway, so ...meep. unfortunately, i -am- the substitute, so couldn't call in sick because there is no one else available to work so.. whatcha gonna do.

i had to cancel a friend's visit because of my stupid throat, though. mooo. we didn't have all that many elaborate plans, but i feel bad because i haven't seen him in forever and ever. oh well. :/

it's safe to say my first week off work isn't shaping up to what i had planned for at all. i'm not exactly in the mood for going to the museums i had planned, nor lounging about downtown with my camera. we'll see, maybe i'll perk up..

in a way i'm glad i had to leave the apartment for work today, though - it'll give me a chance for more grocery shopping and reserving the laundry room. y'know. the real fascinating stuff that make up my life, hahaha. now if only i wasn't so obsessed with salads and fruit right now - stocking up on veggies and fruit for a week and having to carry it, first to the subway and then home, is a bitch.

woo, another person called in and i was able to help her. phew. now i don't feel entirely useless, haha. now if it would just stop feeling like i was trying to talk with a large sock stuffed down my throat, that'd be swell...

alright. enough whining. hope your sunday is better. :)