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Mon, Jul. 17th, 2006, 10:55 am

okay, still have a cold/bronchitis/whatever it is. i'm not going to whine too much - it's monday and i'm not at work, so yey, go me. however. i need to spread the merriment. i shall do this by posting quite possibly the least flattering photo's i've ever shared of me. yey!

see, when i'm sick and mooshy and have just woken up, my face is kind of hilarious. it just entirely loses shape, and my mouth goes gargantuan. it's really funny. well, i think it's funny, haha. let's just say i relate a lot to pre-make up oprah in a very white girl way.

beat up

it's like my face is still asleep, hahaha. scary stuff!

but then it just takes one yawn, and things sort of correct themselves - this is a few minutes later:

beat up

still not exactly fab, but suddenly my face has its shape back, and the mouth is considerably less scary. such weird stuff.

oh well. i may look and feel like the swamp thing, but one thing is for sure... i'm not in as dire need of dying my hair as i've been thinking i was. hahaha. whenever i feel like crap, i start thinking my hair isn't red anymore and i need to dye it but... nah, seems fine so far.

okay. off to discover what daytime tv is all about - it's been awhile since i checked it out. :o

ETA: oh scratch that - watching the latest eppie of entourage instead! wee. just what i'm in the mood for. :D

Mon, Jul. 17th, 2006 05:15 pm (UTC)
redjanet: Re: wee

thanks for the link. i actually have some hair dye in my bathroom that i've been meaning to use (Garnier, which i've used before, but not the cololur i've bought) but keep forgetting and then wimping out of. i might try it one of these days.