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Tue, Jul. 18th, 2006, 03:11 pm
go figure.

i'm so used to people always assuming i'm the slob (because neat and tidy, i'll never be) whenever i share livingspace with someone that i'm amazed to find how good i am at keeping our apartment clean and reasonably tidy now that gabi's off on holiday.

oh, i'm quite messy. it's just a clean and very easily tidied up mess. it's mainly concentrated to my computer desk (tissues, bills, camera, jewellry - my computer desk will never be tidy, i need this stuff for easy access!), a pile of clothes right by my bed (i'm so, so not into putting my fresh laundry away - it's much easier to just have it by the bed, that way i can keep track of what's available) and a huge stack of dvds on the table by the couch. whenever i leave a room to spend time somewhere else, i also need to bring along the cellphone, regular phone and water bottle, so that's.. portable clutter.

however, living alone i'm discovering that it seems i'm not the one responsible for the constant chaos in our bathroom (not that i ever thought i was, but it's sort of good to see the evidence), nor the constant livingroom chaos, nor the kitchen chaos. when on my own, i'm way prone to doing my dishes every day, taking out the trash in a speedy fashion, and doing random things like spraying down and wiping off the trash-can cupboard with antibacterial stuffi (don't think we've ever done that before, ew) because i noticed i needed to.

when i live with someone, i believe very much in us taking responsibility for our own mess. i'm seeing now that that's not a good policy. if my roommate leaves dishes for days, i will end up doing so as well because it's not easy doing my dishes with a pile of dirty ones occupying one of the sinks. if i took out the trash last, i will end up waiting for days for the roommate to take the next full load out, which never happens, so then i'll start another bag and... just stupid stuff.

so, i think my main problem comes from having us save up the mess and trash and dishes to tidy it all up in one huge go once a week. i seriously dislike cleaning things i don't feel i was key in messing up (i'm sure other's feel the same about my mess, haha) and when cleaning because such a huge process, like a 2 hour ordeal, i end up putting it off for even longer. i'm finding myself enjoying this style way more - just taking a moment to tidy up one area at a time, and casually, every few days over the weekly process to turn chaos into livable again thing.

and i believe that's where we differ entirely - i enjoy small tasks, and i'm quite good at focusing on one bit at a time. my roommate, however, is way better at going at it big style. when she cleans, She Cleans. and because she does it by going over the entire apartment, it becomes a much more obvious thing.

i'm pretty sure she's never noticed that i clean small things often because it doesn't stand out to her, hence it seems like i "never" clean the apartment. she doesn't notice that i wipe down the bathroom fixtures a few times a week because i don't also do the bathroom floor at the same time. or that i didn't just take out the trash, i also completely cleaned the trash can. so she ends up frustrated because i don't often to the Big Cleaning of the apartment that goes on for hours, and i end up frustrated because all my efforts at cleaning up smaller areas are never noticed nor acknowledged.

haha. what a fascinating epiphany. can you tell how bored i am? well, this cold should finally be over by thursday when i will finally leave the frickin' apartment. here's hoping! anyway. need lunch. time to messy up the kitchen again, haha. cin cin!