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Thu, Jul. 20th, 2006, 11:01 pm
miami ink

so i've resisted all these docu-shows following tattoo parlors for quite some time now. i just couldn't see the appeal, it's just watching people making/getting tattoos. well, i finally got the first season of miami ink to try out and at first, it bored me but then... argh, i'm sucked in. I WANT A NEW TATTOOOOO.

i only have two tiny ones. i've had the idea for my next brewing for quite a few months now. it's still not done (in my head, i mean), but it's getting there. i know the following things:

- it would be going on my left shoulder, and i'd want it to be rather big. (like a palm and a half, maybe two palms, i think) most likely, it will be all-black. i prefer black tattoos, even though i've seen some very lovely colour-work, so.. we'll see.

- it's probably going to be a curled up angel-esque thing resembling this image of delirium from sandman, but more like this tori photo from under the pink. imagine the tori dressed more like the delirium chick and curled the other way (as in her back toward top left of the photo instead of low-right). however: it's not actually supposed to be tori, nor delirium. it's just the closest visuals matches i have for what i see in my brain when i think of it.

i also want her to have wings. pretty wings, detailed yet soft looking. that might be a challenge. it's got to be just right. also, i want a few stars, like she's, i dunno, sleeping in space, haha. last, i want a bit of text underneath. for quite a few years, maria mckee's "absolutely barking stars" has lingered as something i might want. not necessarily the title, i like several bits of the lyrics. it's been a personal favourite song for a decade, now.

here's the strange part: i'm not a fan of angel tattoos nor chick-tattoos, and get really annoyed with overly dramatic chick-tattoos. but what can ya do - it's what pops up when i start thinking about it. :)

will i get this tattoo? i have no idea. it's taken most of this year for my brain to go from just seeing the tiniest tip of a wing to figuring out the girl, to figuring out the stars, to figuring out the text, to figuring out the size and position. it's still not 100 % clear when i try to envision it, which means it's not finished. it might change radically, it might never happen. who knows? i enjoy thinking about it, though. maybe if i continue watch more of these inked shows, i'll see no other choice but bounding off to the nearest local tattoo shop, hahaha, or maybe i'll grow out of the idea entirely. so. like i said. we'll see.

Fri, Jul. 21st, 2006 03:44 am (UTC)

oooh.. tattoo's.. I love tattoo talk! hehehe...

that sounds like an awesome idea! I soo wanna get a sandman inspired tattoo eventually... maybe a green emerald heart on my wrist or something...

but I make myself wait a couple of years and if I still want it, I can get it :)

Fri, Jul. 21st, 2006 07:34 am (UTC)

I want another one too..!! Dude, I've tried and done my fair share of drugs, but of all the things that have put me through flying highs and serious pain, nothing has been more addictive than tattoos. It's not like I have a bunch of them either (just two), but it's the process - how you start out by clenching your teeth and pulling yourself all tense (like when I had my wrist done; it took some serious discipline to keep that arm lying still in the guy's lap - even though he was very pretty! :)), to finally just reaching that zen-ish state at the end, where it doesn't hurt whatsoever but just feels like caressing, making you all dozy and happy. The very moment my last one was done, I wanted a new one straight away, cause it ended too soon! Crazy stuff.
I've got an idea brewing for my third (and final? I once promised myself three would be an absolute maximum) tattoo as well, but I can totally relate to the not being able to work it out: I want the old symbol from the farm where my mother's from, and where my last name comes from - me and mom are the last two people carrying it - pretty much like branding a cow, actually! Hahaha. Problem is, it hasn't been in use for ages, and noone of my relatives still alive know/remember what it looked like. I've been contacting local history organizations and whatnot, but noone knows anything, arrrrgh. It's on the verge of becoming very personal. :D

Alright, enough of the commenting! And back to work...

Fri, Jul. 21st, 2006 03:17 pm (UTC)

I like Miami Ink. I still don't want a tattoo, though. My Sailor Moon thing has lasted for a long time, but there's not a whole lot else in my life I would want to keep forever. Maybe a Kristin Hersh lyric. :)