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Tue, Aug. 8th, 2006, 03:39 pm
holiday post 5

last one, i swear - i'll post my copenhagen photo's separately another day, hehe. these are just a few random photo's - some of my flight home, some of a weird event that happened one morning...

so one morning mom woke me up and was all "hurry! you gotta see this, there's a bunch of people with guns outside! ...i, of course, totally didn't believe her because i'm a brat and always question anything my parents say, and hello, guns? what? huh? i wanna sleeeep. but she convinced me to come look and... HAHA! she so wasn't lying. the local army people were having some sort of practice right by our house. it was mighty entertaining to watch.

summer fun

first, a small group of them would sneak along the side of the building next to ours, check that the coast was clear, and then scurry across to my building.

summer fun

then they'd quickly crouch underneath our balconies. i pondered accidentally spilling something on them but figured that might have a very, very bad outcome, haha, so.. i refrained and just snickered loudly instead.

summer fun

then they'd scurry off to the balconies next to ours and do this formation thing making sure the area was secure, or something.. and then they'd scurry off. yes, i know there are more expressions to use than "scurry off" but seriously, it's what fit the best for what they were doing, haha.

a few minutes later, the same group would come casually walking by on the pavement like they hadn't just been on their knees by our flowers with guns, haha.

this repeated for almost 45 minutes, group after group doing the same manneuvers. and mom was indeed right. go figure.

okay, the rest are just snaps of the view from the airplane that took me back to stockholm. i just love the view.

summer fun

i just think it's so cool whenever i can see the horizon curve and have that space-kind of blue. :D

summer fun

and look! fuzzy propeller! i still can't believe those things spinning around help a whole airplane stay up. so weird.

summer fun

it really is the best view. :D

summer fun

it's always so strange whenever the plane flies through a cloud and it's just this wispy smoke because.. well.. it should be more dense, dammit. although i guess more dense clouds would be bad for flying through, haha.

summer fun

scratchy window, pretty view. :)

okay.. no more photo's now for at least a day, promise. going to ikea, finally! yey, ikea!

Tue, Aug. 8th, 2006 04:24 pm (UTC)

that gun practice thing is very bizarre. you do take gorgeous pictures though...