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Wed, Aug. 9th, 2006, 02:26 pm

okay, so the woman who handled my application to the new project (which i start on monday) called. in the 18 months i've worked for the company, calls from work have always been stressful (usually asking me to come in early or something). this lady? just wanted to take my LUNCH ORDER for the "greeting" lunch on monday. and then she wanted to know if i had any questions. er. no. i didn't.

...this project is certainly cushy compared to all other projects i've done! i even got a hilarious greeting pack in the mail welcoming me to the company like the actual new recruits get. here's hoping it continues this well.

for now i'm stalling from having to start assembling my new ikea furniture (among other things, i got an entire bookcase for less than $10 - yey sales!).. i'm running out of things to do, though. i even spent forever perusing cheap dvds on sale at play.com just to have something to do. i'm getting: hamlet with ethan hawke because it really moved me when i first saw it in the theater, dead like me because i remain completely in love with this show and want to watch it every few months, and les amants du pont neuf because i love juliette binoche in it, and i used to rent it all the time, like, 15 years ago.

that last movie is what made it possible for me to recognize the actor from les amants du pont neuf in one of my alltime favourite music videos: unkle (feat thom yorke) - rabbit in your headlight. (incorrectly marked as radiohead on youtube..)

argh. i can only stall for five more minutes until the time i've promised myself to get started. best get the crazy tools out. cin cin!